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A La Carte (6/14)

16 Ways to Find a Wife - This article from the Westminster Seminary blog outlines 16 ways to find a way according to the Bible. It’s pretty funny. For example, there’s the ultra-romantic “Find an attractive prisoner of war, bring her home, shave her head, trim her nails, and give her new clothes. Then she’s yours. (Deut. 21:11-13)”

Barna’s Statistics - I like Mike’s take on Barna and his statistics. “A new study shows that 100% of Barna statistics are skewed to lend credibility to his anti-church bias. … I am not doubting that we can gain some benefit from Barna research and that some of it is actually legit and could be helpful. However, I have become very leery of accepting anything that Barna throws at us.”

The Social Network Gospel - This is interesting to consider: “Lamar Vest, president and CEO of the American Bible Society (ABS), says we’re witnessing ‘a revival of Bible engagement. For too long we have judged our effectiveness by the number of Bibles distributed. We are determined to no longer judge our effectiveness by tonnage but by impact.’”

Care or Counsel? - I appreciate the reasoning here: “In the fall of 2011, I (Robert Cheong) made a strategic decision to replace the word ‘counsel’ with ‘care’ within our church culture.”

The Nowness of Obedience - Desiring God continues their excellent series on “Grace at Home” with a reflection on obedience. “Have you ever noticed that obedience is actually only possible in the present?”

Free eBooks - Monergism has a growing collection of excellent, free ebooks, including one by John Piper that they’ve just added.

He that is down needs fear no fall, He that is low, no pride. —John Bunyan

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