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A La Carte (6/2)

Think - The Kindle edition of John Piper’s book Think is on sale at Amazon for just $2.99.  $2.99 will also get you the excellent book Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef while $1.99 will get you Alex Chediak’s brand new book Thriving at College.

Free Kindle Books - Those are some deeply discounted Kindle books. Here’s an article on how to get free Christian books for the Kindle.

Timmy Brister on Piper/Warren - I mentioned Timmy Brister’s blog in my article on John Piper and Rick Warren. Timmy wrote a few thoughts in a follow-up blog post.

False Prophets - Dr. Mohler begins an article on Harold Camping in this way: “Andy Warhol was wrong. Fame doesn’t last just fifteen minutes. After all, Harold Camping is still in the news, more than a week after his prophecy that the world would end on May 21 at 6:00 p.m. turned out — as expected — to be false.”

Mother-in-Law - At the True Woman blog, Erin Davis is writing about mothers-in-law. “I once heard someone say that the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the most fragile of all human relationships. If you are a MIL or a DIL, you already know this relationship can get sticky. Mothers-in-law often fulfill a role that is part mother, part friend, and part threat in the lives of their son’s wives. Daughters-in-law are not quite the same as a biological daughter, and yet they are a huge part of the make-up of the family. The result can be a lot of relational thin ice that is difficult to tread.”

Why Apple Is Doomed - This may well be true: “In Jobs, they posses the most valuable creative mind in the world. Apple is not just the latest great tech company, it is historically great, and to maintain that level without the irreplaceable taste of Steve Jobs will be impossible.”

There is no telling how much power God can put into a man.C.H. Spurgeon

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