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A La Carte (6/20)

The Evolution of the Swimsuit - This is a very interesting video that traces the history of women’s swimsuits and advocates something better than today’s bikinis. (There is nothing in the video that is alluring or inappropriate.)

Who Am I? - “We live in an era where personal identity is of great importance to us. Perhaps we simply don’t know who we are. We are like victims of amnesia who are lost and always searching for our ‘true’ identity—or perhaps we are looking for an upgrade. We seek meaningful self-definition in our jobs, our relationships, our hobbies, and (sometimes) in Jesus. Whatever the reason, we listen when someone speaks about identity.”

Return of the Cicadas - This short documentary may be a wee bit melodramatic, but it’s fascinating nonetheless.

The Gospel According to the Old Testament - P&R’s excellent “Gospel According to the Old Testament” series is on sale at Westminster Books. I have found several of the volumes very helpful in study and sermon preparation. There’s also a free download of “Is Jesus in the Old Testament?” by Iain Duguid if you’d like to grab it.

Personal Fulfillment Driving Ministry - Ray Ortlund recently said, “I am not impressed by young pastors who seem too eager to publish books and speak at big events and get noticed.” This blogger tees off of that and offers some valuable reflections.

A Gospel-Centered Concern - I think this concern with the gospel-centered movement is well worth considering. “Before expressing any concern I want to be clear: I am very encouraged by the recovery of the center, the gospel, among many, particularly younger evangelicals. This is essential for us at this hour. At the same time I have a cause for concern…”

An idle life and a holy heart is a contradiction. —Thomas Brooks

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