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A La Carte (6/24)


Who Is the Hero of Your Sermon? - That’s a great question to ask of your sermon. Greg Breazeale explains why.

Friday Five - I enjoyed reading this interview with Philip Ryken. They talk to him “about moving from the pastorate to the academy, the future of Christian higher education, and how pastors and scholars should interact.”

The End of Exodus International - Denny Burk highlights some of Wesley Hill’s comments about Exodus International and their reparative therapy.

The Pace of Modern Life - This is thought-provoking. And then there’s this article: Tweeting by Mail which may seem a bit contradictory, but is well worth a read. It’s amazing how things change, and yet stay so much the same.

The Fitness Driven Church - This longform article from Christianity Today looks into the rise of fitness programs sponsored by churches. “Across the country, congregations are whipping members into shape with highly marketed, faith-based health programs. What’s right—and troubling—about the trend.”

Mediator - This is a great song from the band “Ghost Ship.”

The two poles shall sooner meet than the love of God and the love of money. —John Trapp

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