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A La Carte (6/28)

In Memorian, James Montgomery Boice - Rick Phillips writes about James Montgomery Boice who died ten years ago this month. “In my opinion, the reason for James Boice’s influence and legacy is seldom understood.  What was it about him that drew so wide an audience of pastors and laypeople?  The answer is that as a Reformed theologian, James Boice was a Christian first.”

Ligonier Video - The video for most of the sessions from the recent Ligonier Ministries National Conference is now available. You can check out the pre-conference (Mohler/Parsons/Stetzer/Challies) or the conference itself which featured “Tough Questions Christians Face.” Be sure to note the “THU/FRI” switch at the top of the list of video since that’s how you’ll find all of the video for the second day of the conference. And bookmark it so you can come back when the Saturday videos are available since there were some very good sessions on the Saturday as well.

Kindle Price Drop - I assume most have seen this by now but if not, do take note that Amazon’s Kindle has just seen a very substantial price drop (obviously in reaction to the fast-paced growth of iPad adoption). You can get one now for just $189. Many people consider the Kindle the better reading device so it’s worth checking out.

And while on the subject of Amazon, their Gold Box Deal is worth checking out if you still don’t have a good GPS.

Why Do Couples Start To Look Like One Another? - I feel sorry for my wife when I read this article. Granted this particular article is probably not all that scientific, but it’s a question I’ve heard others ask: Why do couples start to look like one another over time? “Zajonc suggested that older couples looked more alike because people in close contact mimic each other’s facial expressions. In other words, if your partner has a good sense of humor and laughs a lot, he or she will probably develop laugh lines around their mouth — and so will you. “

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