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A La Carte (6/9)

Prepared for Evangelism - Randy Alcorn excerpts one of his books to provide some wisdom on evangelism.

How Do We Define Biblical Words? - Bill Mounce looks at that question. It may well be a question you’ve never really thought about before.

John 10:16 Conference - New Yorkers may want to take a look at the John 10:16 Conference. It will feature quite an interesting cast of characters. “This year’s topic is ‘God’s Wrath or Redemption.’ In a day and age when people are unsure or unclear about God’s wrath, we desire to clarify several of the misconceptions concerning hell, God’s anger, and His coming judgment. Along with that, however, we also want to clarify some of the misconceptions about the redemption He has provided in His Son Jesus Christ.”

Brilliant and Foolish - Bob Kelleman shows that the world’s most intelligent person is also the world’s most foolish. “Many people consider Stephen Hawking, the renown physicist and best-selling author, to be the most brilliant person alive. That may be, but brilliant and wise are two very different concepts.”

Abandoned Theme Parks for Sale - I don’t know what drew me to this article on abandoned theme parks, but I quite enjoyed it.

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