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A La Carte (7/14)

Rest - A Four-Letter Word? - This is worth reflecting on. “Eleven years ago, I wrote about an observed hurry, in which we have lost our bearings, our sense of proportion. ‘Unavailable’ seems a word from the past, going the way of cursive writing. But of course, with the aid of technology, it is more severe. We have the capacity to always be on, and if we let technology and social networks continue to influence our lives, we might forget how to shut down.” (HT:TW)

The Language of Heaven - “Gratitude awakens the soul to the sweetness of being tethered to God and humanity. A refusal to be ‘beholden’ breaks all ties whereby the soul drifts into isolation with the ever-intensifying sense of entitlement and rancorous pride. Ungrateful people will not be bound by such a debt. They care infinitely more what is owed them.”

Illuminating Texts - “When books and readers were rare, the words were spoken and savored. Now millions can curl up silently and scan quickly, with as much lost as gained.” This is an interesting series about the past, present and future of reading.

Great Quotes - At the Ligonier blog I am compiling lists of great quotes from some of R.C. Sproul’s books. In the first, I turn to Chosen By God.

I would rather stand against the cannons of the wicked than against the prayers of the righteous. —Thomas Lye

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