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A La Carte (7/18)

My apologies to those who were looking for the final post in Reading Classics Together. I was on vacation last week and just plain forgot to write up the Reading Classics article. I’ll catch up this Thursday! Meanwhile, here are some links that may be of interest…

9 Lessons Concerning Sickeness - Here are 9 lessons from God concerning sickness (care of J.C. Ryle).

Google and Memory - Another interesting article on what the Internet is doing to memory.

Something’s Missing - Something is missing from your giving, according to this writer. And I think he raises a point that is worth considering—how do you decide what (and how) to give?

Cook with Coke - You know you want to try it…

The Internet of Things - This is quite an interesting infographic that deals with all the things that are connected to the Internet. Things you might not expect (like cows).

The only thing that a man can contribute to his own redemption is the sin from which he needs to be redeemed. —William Temple

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