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A La Carte (7/23)

BP’s Photoshopping - BP has been photoshopping images of their work in the Gulf. And, not surprisingly, people have noticed and called them out on it. You can see their really bad Photoshop work at the link.

Facebook’s 500 Million - Facebook recently welcomed its 500 millionth user (! - that deserves an exclamation mark). Here is an infographic telling a little bit about who those 500 million people are, where they come from, and so on.

Seven Lines a Day - “Take 74-year-old John Basinger. When he was 58, he decided on a lark to see if he could memorize Milton’s Paradise Lost. The whole thing. All 60,000-plus words. It took him nine years, but he pulled it off and has even recited it in public. That takes three days. It’s a long poem.”

$5 Friday - Ligonier has a few good items for sale in their $5 Friday sale. Both A Taste of Heaven and The Reformation are well worth that price.

Rick Warren - Rick Warren writes about an incident that happened to him this week. “Monday morning (my day off) I was cutting back a huge African Fire Stick plant in my yard (a smaller version is pictured below.) Even though I was wearing gloves, I somehow later accidentally got some of the toxic sap on my hands and then in my eyes. The resin is quite corrosive and burned both of my eyes. In excruciating pain, Kay called 911 paramedics who rushed me to a hospital.”

Undercover Planned Parenthood Video - Here is another hidden video taken at a Planned Parenthood consultation. This time the young girl is told that abortion is safer than carrying a baby to full term. (HT:Z)

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