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A La Carte (7/24)


Principles to Guide Your Giving - Jesse Johnson says that according to the Bible, “giving is a basic discipline of godliness and the New Testament teaches fundamental principles that should guide how we give.” In this article he lays out ten of those principles.

A Family Culture - This looks like a promising series from The Art of Manliness. “It may seem that happy families are just naturally happy, but as it is with successful people in any arena, there’s usually a lot of effort and conscious practice going on behind the scenes. It looks easy because they truly enjoy it, and for this reason, they may not even experience it as effort. But, you can guarantee it still takes intentionality.”

R.C. Sproul and Miracles - “I get this question all the time, ‘R.C., do you believe that miracles happen today?’ If you want me to give the simple answer, the answer is no. Today, you can go into a pastor’s office and see a sign that says, ‘Expect a Miracle.’ But if you expect a miracle—if miracles are expectable—there’s nothing miraculous about them.”

What’s At Stake? - Russell Moore: “In light of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s actions on Internet pornography, here’s why I think we ought to care about digital porn.”

The Art of Application - I think most preachers struggle with applying their sermons to their listeners. Here are some tips on the art of application.

Unthinkable Abuse - “I recently learned that a missionary whom I have known and trusted for twenty years has, for his entire adult life, been a sexual predator. He was respected, even revered, both by churches in the US and by thousands of people in the field. He used his position of power, influence, and trust to take advantage of women sexually.”

Zeal is like a fire: in the chimney it is one of the best servants, but out of the chimney it is one of the worst masters. —Thomas Brooks

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