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A La Carte (7/29)

New Kindles - Amazon continues to innovate with the Kindle and, best of all, drive down the prices. The new “standard” Kindle will have both 3G and WiFi capabilities and cost $189 (see it here) while a new model will offer only WiFi access and cost a mere $139 (see it here). It does not take long to make back that $139 when you figure that each book you buy will be significantly less expensive than if you were to purchase the printed edition. You’ll want to order now even though they won’t be available for a few weeks—I suspect they are going to go very quickly.

Scraps of Thoughts on Daily Prayer - Tim Keller shares some very valuable “scraps of thoughts” on daily prayer in this short article. He simply describes how he prays over the course of the day.

A Picture of Robert E. Lee - Russell Moore answers an interesting question here: Is it wrong to display a picture of Robert E. Lee? It ties in a little bit with the discussion begun by my review of the biography of Stonewall Jackson.

How the Digital Revolution Changed Our World - This is an interesting infographic showing just a few of the ways that this digital revolution (or digital explosion) has changed the way we consume media.

Saving Leonardo - It’s been a long time since we saw a new book from Nancy Pearcey. But the wait is almost over. Her next book, Saving Leonardo, will be released on September 1. It is now available for pre-order at Amazon. “Is secularism a positive force in the modern world? Or does it lead to fragmentation and disintegration? In Saving Leonardo, best-selling award-winning author Nancy Pearcey (Total Truth, coauthor How Now Shall We Live?) makes a compelling case that secularism is destructive and dehumanizing.

Deep Sea Slugs - Yes, you read that correctly. Check out this gallery of the amazing creativity God put into the humble deep sea slug.

Temporary Marriage - Shi’ite Islam’s doctrine of “temporary marriage” is one of the most bizarre and in-your-face examples of legalism you’ll ever encounter. It is like something straight out of the books of the Pharisees of old. “Now a mosque in Iran is, in effect, setting up a prostitution ring, including in its offerings children as young as twelve.” Gene Edward Veith writes more.

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