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A La Carte (7/31)


Yelp Reviews - This is a brilliant little video that highlights the absurdity of life in this modern, digital world where we take seriously the ability to review everything we do and experience. Here a professional actor simply reads a review, but does it beautifully.

A Merciful God - This is a powerful post that was written in the aftermath of the shootings in Colorado. It was written by someone who was in the theatre.

How to Watch the Olympics - John Piper doing what he does: “The good Brit C. S. Lewis (who’d be happy to see London host the games) would call it ‘transposition’—taking in the Olympic games, engaging and entertaining as they are, and seeing through them, and beyond them, to the ultimate realities to which they point in God’s created world, spring-loaded at every turn to teach us about redemption.”

Loving the God Who Takes Your Child - A mother and father proclaim their trust in the Lord and his purposes even while they mourn the loss of their infant son.

Reading for the New Calvinist - Keith Mathison suggests ten books and one letter every new Calvinist ought to read.

Paranal Observatory - This is quite an amazing little movie. Just look at the volume of stars in the sky!

The light of human reason differs little from darkness. —John Calvin

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