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A La Carte (7/6)

Cherish the Book Publishers - The title and subtitle of this op-ed at the Wall Street Journal pretty much say it all: “Cherish the Book Publishers—You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone.” Call me a snob, but I receive enough self-published books to know that many books are turned down by publishers for a good reason. Having said that, there are a few remarkable self-published works out there. (HT:JT)

If Leonardo DiCaprio Got Saved - If Leonardo DiCaprio got saved just imagine what he could do for the Lord’s sake. And he would, right? So why hasn’t God thought of that plan?

The Next Story - Professor of Philosophy Douglas Groothuis has just published a review of The Next Story. I was eager to read his take on it since I often referred to his writing on technology in my studies. In the end it was quite an enlightening and encouraging review.

Holy, Good and Crushing - That’s what the Law is—holy, good and crushing. The very law that was meant to bring life stirs up a desire for sin and kills us.

What the Enemy Targets - There will be no surprises in the answer to this question, posed by Brian Croft: Which area of sin does the enemy target the most in pastors?

The iPhone Is Too Expensive - We already know that the iPhone is too expensive (though that doesn’t stop millions from buying it). This article explains what Apple may have to gain from introducing a cheaper model.

Please Forgive Me - Bob Kelleman offers up various forms of apology and asks how we ought to respond to each.

If the whole world were changed into a globe of gold it could not fill thy heart. —Thomas Brooks

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