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A La Carte (8/10)

Advice for Youth Ministers - Dave Hinkley has some sound advice for youth ministers. “There is a lot of talk about best methods, a lot of talk about cool style, and lots more critique of those same methods and style. There is precious little about actually blowing on the embers of a young person’s faith.”

The David Barton Controversy - WORLD reports on David Barton and his book The Jefferson Lies, which has been found to be extremely inaccurate.

Quietness and Productivity - “Sometimes we forget that the most productive people in an organization aren’t the ones who make the most noise. In fact, it’s often the quiet ones who out-produce everyone else.”

Making the Most of Your Morning - David Mathis, writing for Desiring God, suggests a Christian way to make the most of your mornings.

Spurgeon Giveaway - Here’s an opportunity to win one of those amazing Charles Spurgeon manuscript pages (that I’ve been able to give away a few times in the past).

Pray Without Ceasing - At the very list, skim down and read the quote from Charles Hodge about praying without ceasing.

Speaking of Hodge, let’s give him the last word today:

This is true religion, to approve what God approves, to hate what he hates, and to delight in what delights him. —Charles Hodge

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