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A La Carte (8/11)

Caedmon’s Call - Fans of Caedmon’s Call will want to know that there is a new album on the way…and that those who order now can download it right away.

A History of Phone Etiquette - It is interesting to peer back into history a little bit to see how telephone etiquette took time to develop. That’s something to think about next time you’re on a bus and someone is yacking (very loudly) into his cell phone.

An Admonition to Workaholics - Here’s a good word for those of us who are prone to work too hard and too long.

Chivalry Is Dead - This is not this young guy’s finest moment. “A young female Astros fan got a painful lesson in chivalry Monday night at Minute Maid Park. The woman, identified only as Sarah, was struck on the right arm by a foul ball off the bat of Chris Johnson in the fourth inning while sitting down the left-field line — a ball that she didn’t see coming because her boyfriend ducked out of the way at the last second.”

Be Discerning About Twilight - Mark Driscoll discusses Twilight and has some good things to say. He very nearly blows up as he looks at the books that are popular among young girls today.

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