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A La Carte (8/15)

What’s Wrong with Patriarchy - D.A. Carson: “In their defense of complementarianism, several Council members in The Gospel Coalition have been known to preface their remarks with the insistence that complementarianism is not to be confused with either patriarchalism or with mere traditionalism in men/women relationships. To some observers, however, all three expressions are roughly synonymous. So why do we insist on the difference?”

Gospel Fellowship - Be sure to read this short article from Dane Ortlund.

Good News for Bad Preachers - Russell Moore talks to young preachers: “Your first few sermons are always terrible, no matter who you are. If you think your first few sermons are great, you’re probably self-deceived. If the folks in your home church think your first few sermons are great, it’s probably because they love you and they’re proud of you.”

The Cross and the Electric Chair - You’ve heard this line before: “For Christians to wear crosses around their necks is like us wearing a symbol of an electric chair.” Glenn Stanton shows why this isn’t a good thing to say.

The LEGO Story - Here’s a short, fun, animated film about the origins of LEGO.

Abortions for the Health of the Mother - “A report to Parliament has revealed abortions performed in the United Kingdom to save the life of the mother are a stunningly low 0.006 percent of procedures.”

How To Tell a Liar - Forbes distills a whole book down to a few useful pointers and tells you how to spot a liar.

A golden coffin will be a poor compensation for a damned soul. —C.H. Spurgeon

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