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A La Carte (8/2)

Aileen and the kids have gone away for a couple of days, getting out of the city in favor of a neighbor’s cottage. Right before they left my five-year-old daughter looked at me and said, “Daddy, it would be nice if you could clean the house while we’re gone. It’s good to come back to a nice, clean home.” Duly noted. I guess I’d better get scrubbing.

Last week I announced that the next classic Christian book we will be reading together is John Stott’s The Cross of Christ. ChristianAudio was kind enough to make the audio book available to us for just $2.98. Visit this Reading Classics Together post to get the details. You do not need to read (or listen) along with us to take advantage of the deal (but you might as well).

Hannah Coulter - Speaking of ChristianAudio, this month’s free book is Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry. I know absolutely nothing about it except that it’s free and that Russell Moore considers it one of his 2 favorite Berry novels.

Fascinating Facts About Phone Numbers - A bit hyperbolic perhaps (I can’t imagine there is any such thing as a truly “fascinating” fact about phone numbers) but this post is at least interesting. (HT:TW)

Missing Maps - I enjoyed Tim O’Reilly’s article that shows the fragility of some of our systems. “It was a beautiful late spring day towards the end of May, hot even, so the last thing I was thinking about was the possibility that Sierra passes might still be closed. So I was quite surprised to find a sign that the road ahead was closed in 5 miles. I’d have to turn around and retrace my path for over 80 miles.”

Books on Sale - Monergism Books has some deals worth checking out: Works of John Owen for just $238 (great deal!), Trusting God by Jerry Bridges (50% off), Essential Truths by R.C. Sproul (50%), Chosen By God by R.C. Sproul (50%), etc. You can find more here.

Ministers of Grace in Need of Grace - It takes a humble man to admit he has said this: “ ‘Ninety-five percent of the women in our church would love to be married to a man like me.’ (Luella very quickly informed me that she was part of the 5 percent!) I was convinced that no one had a more accurate picture of me than I did. And in my blindness I also failed to see and fear the disaster that I was heading toward.”

Ray of Hope - I don’t know much of anything about International Justice Mission, so don’t take this as an endorsement of the organization. But this video is awfully powerful.

If our circumstances find us in God, we shall find God in our circumstances. —George Muller

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