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A La Carte (8/21)

A Pastor’s Monday - “Mondays are notoriously difficult for pastors. If you are not a pastor, pray for your pastor today as you read through this post. If you are a pastor, listen to the words of pastor Jared Wilson as he describes the structure of his Mondays, along with the personal challenges he faces as another week begins.”

A Plea for Prayer - I loved this article. “For those who do not know Diane [Schreiner] personally, this post is an attempt to allow you to know of this woman of God so that you will be compelled to pray for God’s miraculous and complete healing over her fragile body.  For those who are blessed to know her, nothing below will come as a surprise to you.”

The Next Story - It has been a while since I’ve read a new review of The Next Story. Here’s a kind and encouraging recent one.

Why Waiting Is Torture - This is an interesting article about a boring reality—waiting in line.

Dreams From My Father - I don’t often link to articles by Mark Steyn, and I know that this may be preaching to the choir, so to speak, but this is pretty amazing.

The Greatest Suffering, the Smallest Sin - “You have a choice. Option 1: The tiniest sin imaginable, a sin that would bring you tremendous wealth and other material pleasures. Option 2: The greatest suffering imaginable, for rejecting that one tiny sin. Your selection, please.”

National Geographic Photo Contest - Here are the winners of National Geographic’s Traveler 2012 Photo Contest.

The longer I live, the more faith I have in providence, and the less faith in my interpretation of providence. —Jeremiah Day

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