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A La Carte (8/21)

Your Children and Sex - If you are a parent, you will not want to read this article, but it might prove wise to do so: “Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex.” Let it frighten you just enough to increase awareness and take action.

Rebuking from the Pulpit - You may have seen the now-infamous video of Jim Standridge rebuking parishoners from the pulpit. Christianity Today asked a panel of experts “Should pastors rebuke parishioners from the pulpit?” I wouldn’t have thought you’d even need to ask such a question. Nevertheless, the answers are (generally) good.

Rebuilding Detroit - If you are in the mood for a longer read, this article on how a young community of entrepreneurs is rebuilding Detroit is quite interesting.

10 Enemy Attacks on Leaders - “Recently, a church leader asked me what tactics I’ve seen the Enemy most use against leaders. In no particular order, here are the ten most common strategies I’ve seen.”

Interview with Ligon Duncan - I enjoyed this interview with Ligon Duncan. If you are wondering why it matters to you and me that he took the position at Reformed Theological Seminary, this interview will clear it up for you.

How Much Artists Earn Online - This infographic shows how much musicians earn when their songs are bought and sold online. It helps show why there is so much concern over the streaming services.

Why Expository Preaching Matters - Al Mohler is writing a series of articles on expository preaching. In the most recent one he includes a definition of expository preaching that is well worth reading and thinking about (it’s long enough that it will take some time to absorb!).

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