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A La Carte (8/30)

The Porn Gateways - Here’s a helpful word for those who struggle with pornography: “While taking a deeper look into the heart of the sin, I noticed that people were battling their sins (of pornography and lust) at a shallow surface level, and deep at the root of the problem were ‘innocent’ gateways sins that were feeding into their daily struggles.”

The Rise of New Calvinism - I responded to Justin Taylor’s article on the rise of New Calvinism and now he has responded to mine. I think it has been a useful back-and-forth.

Better Members’ Meetings - 9Marks has a short article that includes nine ideas for having better members’ meetings.

Authentic or Artificial Community? - I appreciated this blogger’s reflections on the nature of community and how we [she writes to women but it is equally applicable to men] too often forsake authentic community in favor of something artificial.

The World’s Lowest Voice - Here’s an interesting article on the man with the world’s lowest voice and widest vocal range. Be sure to listen to his rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

Rescuing Daniel - George Lawson rescues Daniel from all the children’s books. Because the main point of Daniel 6 is not Daniel’s example, Daniel’s faith, or Daniel’s courage.

No creature that deserved redemption would need to be redeemed. —C.S. Lewis

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