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A La Carte (8/7)

Tuesday August 7, 2007 Updated Conference List
I just updated the list of Reformed conferences with at least 8 or 10 new ones. Be sure to check to see if a good conference is coming to your town!
Responding to Rabbi Kushner
John Piper took some time to respond to Rabbi Kushner who was recently interview about the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis.
Outing the Atheists
Dr. Mohler has an article discussing Richard Dawkins’s new “OUT” campaign which seeks to convince atheists to declare themselves as such.
The ATM in the Church Lobby
TIME magazine has a short article about ATMs in church lobbies and their increasing influenced due to new IRS rules. “Specially designed ATMs at church will help document such spur-of-the-moment cash gifts, as well as planned giving. ”
By the time you read this I should be well on my way to Atlanta. I am driving my family down there today since my sister is getting married in Chattanooga on the weekend (I have family in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and a town immediately between the two). I’d appreciate prayers for traveling mercies since we’ve got almost 1,000 miles to drive before nightfall.

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