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A La Carte (9/1)

Happy September, blog readers. If anyone can explain to me how it got to be September so quickly, I’d love to hear an explanation. We’re six days away from my kids heading back to school (including my youngest who begins this year!). And it seems like it was just yesterday that the last school year wrapped up. Tempus fugit and all of that.

Switchfoot iTunes Sessions - Here’s one for the Switchfoot fans.

Her Part in Haiti - It was neat to see this article in our local newspaper. LeeAnn is a neighbor of ours and someone we used to go to church with. For the past year she has been serving in Haiti.

Not the Root of All Evil - Andrew Peterson has some good things to say about money in this article, showing that while money is the root of all kinds of evil, it isn’t intrinsically evil.

Beware of Professional Weaker Brothers - Michael Patton nails it in this post. “I remember Chuck Swindoll talking about this saying: ‘Be careful, there are some people out there who are professional weaker brethren.’”

Marriage and the Seinfeld Effect - “Americans appear to accept same-sex marriage more than they really do, perhaps because they believe it to be more widely accepted than it really is.”

Church Planter - I’m not a big fan of trailers for books but here is one that was done right. It is for this book, which I actually just began reading yesterday.

The important thing about a man is not where he goes when he is compelled to go, but where he goes when he is free to go where he will.A.W. Tozer

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