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A La Carte (9/10)

Football season began yesterday. This is really the only time of the year that I miss having cable television. I know that I’m far better off not having it, but still, there’s something about football in the fall that calls to me. The only time I catch a game these days is when I happen to be traveling and can watch for an hour at the airport. And that’s just kind of sad.

What You Want in an Athlete - This is an interesting article. It discusses Tim Tebow who, though the third-string quarterback for the Broncos, is their most admired player. “There has really never been a player like this in the NFL. One whose every move appears to be so pure and without pretense that he is beloved by millions, many of whom wouldn’t call themselves sports fans. Yes, much of it is based on his Christian faith and his proud admission that as a star athlete he is still a virgin and also about the television commercial he filmed with his mother explaining why she did not abort him when it appeared that complications were life-threatening.”

Teen Texting Reaches Critical Mass - “It won’t come as a surprise to parents of teenagers, but a recent survey conducted by the free mobile text messaging app textPlus shows that teens not only are habitually text messaging with parents and friends in class, but most of them don’t even feel guilty about it.”

Have We Shared Too Much? - This infographic looks at the kind of information we give to many of the big companies like Google and Facebook.

Don’t Give Up on the Church - Randy Alcorn speaks to Christians who can’t stand the church.

If God be God, then no insoluble problem exists. And if God be my God, then no problem of mine is without its appropriate solution. —Maurice Roberts

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