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A La Carte (9/12)

You Throw Like a Girl - It’s scientifically proven: girls throw like girls. “The overhand throwing gap, beginning at 4 years of age, is three times the difference of any other motor task, and it just gets bigger across age. By 18, there’s hardly any overlap in the distribution: Nearly every boy by age 15 throws better than the best girl.”

Engaging Mormons - Russell Moore writes about how to engage Mormons. “Yes, we need apologetics directed toward Mormons. And, whatever some evangelical leaders may say, we must not back away from the sad reality that Mormonism is not even remotely Christian.  But we must remember that we will not convince Mormons with rational arguments alone.”

Current Events and the End Times - Randy Alcorn answers this question: “What do you think about linking current events to the end times? Is this a good thing for Christians to focus on?”

Phantom Cell Phone Vibrations - Why do people feel phantom cell phone vibrations? Here is one person’s attempt to say that it’s not that you’re crazy or hopelessly addicted to your cell phone.

When Ministry Becomes a Mistress - Dave Kraft writes about an all-too-common problem among pastors.

Le Mot Juste - It’s a tough read, but a fun and worthwhile one. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is only a short road that leads from grammatical laxity to cannibalism. At least, it should be universally acknowledged. Human beings are linguistic beings through and through, after all.”

Though infinitely better able to do without prayer than we are, yet [Christ] prayed much more than we do. —C.H. Spurgeon

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