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A La Carte (9/14)

$5 Friday - There are a few noteworthy deals in Ligonier’s $5 Friday, including Reclaiming Adoption, Surprised by Suffering (one of my favorite Sproul books and it’s the hardcover edition), and several teaching series.

Culture and Homeschool - You may appreciate Tracy Keen’s thoughts on pre-mature children and how they can be formed via exposure to culture or the protection of homeschooling. “Home school parents push their children to mature before they are ready, especially with daughters. Within my own local home school group I have noticed young girls who are definitely in that awkward, in between stage of no longer being a child, but not yet a woman.”

Strange Things Afoot - Timothy Dalrymple: “One of the more enjoyable facts about my present job is that I can, from my perch here at Patheos, see a fairly broad range of what’s going on in the world of Christian media.  And lately, strange things have been afoot.  No one seems to know quite what to do or say about it.  Everyone seems to be waiting for the next shoe to drop.  But let me see if I can explain what’s been going on and provide some perspective.”

Monergism MP3 Collection - Monergism has a massive collection of MP3s available for download and you are now able to find MP3s from a wide variety of teachers sorted by books and chapters of the Bible.

Lincoln - I sure am looking forward to seeing this film.

I tell you our strength, whenever we have any, is our greatest weakness, and our fancied wisdom is our real folly. —C.H. Spurgeon

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