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A La Carte (9/20)

Sensationalism and Scholarship - Dr. Mohler on Jesus’s wife: “This is sensationalism masquerading as scholarship. One British newspaper noted that the claims about a married Jesus seemed more worthy of fans of Dan Brown’s fictional work, The Da Vinci Code than ‘real-life Harvard professors.’ If the fragment is authenticated, the existence of this little document will be of interest to historians of the era, but it is insanity to make the claims now running through the media.”

Conduct Worthy of the Gospel - David Mathias on corporate worship: “The principle of walking in line with the gospel (Galatians 2:14) in corporate worship looks like this: In grace consider others enough to refrain from distracting them, and extend grace to those who you find to be distracting. Here are a few suggestions for how to think well of and for others in corporate worship.”

True Woman 2012 - True Woman 2012 (with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Mary Kassian and others) begins this evening. There will be 8,000 women in attendance and you are free to watch it via livestream.

British Police and Guns - You know you’ve wondered why British police don’t carry guns. Now you know.

The Image of God at Work - I appreciate what Marc Cortez says in this article, especially as it applies to the mundane aspects of any vocation.

The Hobbit - There’s a new trailer out for The Hobbit. It’s looking good!

Faith-healing is grand, but faith-enduring is grander. —C.H. Spugeon

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