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A La Carte (9/21)

Rend Your Hearts - “In Joel’s day (and even still today) a sign of great mourning and grief was to tear your garments.  It wasn’t that they’d bust out into Hulk Hogan’s ‘I’m a Real American Hero’ and rip up their camel-haired cloaks to shreds.  It was usually a slit from bottom to top that indicated deep grief.” Read about today’s version…

How To Be Content - “No matter what our circumstances — it’s always possible to be content. That might sound impossible.  And I’m certainly not saying I never feel discontentment. But Paul is clear — it’s possible to never feel discontentment.”

Should Christians Adopt Embryos? - Russell Moore answers the question. “Adopting parents are not complicit in the ‘production’ (I shudder to type such a horrible word in reference to a human creature) of these children. Again, the children are already conceived. The adopting parents are no more endorsing the technologies involved than parents adopting from an unwed mother are endorsing fornication or adultery.”

Ask for Tolerance - Greg Koukl: “If you’re placed in a situation where you suspect your convictions will be labeled intolerant, bigoted, narrow-minded, and judgmental, turn the tables.  When someone asks for your personal views about a moral issue—homosexuality, for example—preface your remarks with a question.”

The Lake of Fire - This is an nearly unbelievable video (more information here). “Photographer Geoff Mackley and his crew descended 1,300 feet to the ‘lava lake’ in Marum Volcano on Vanuatu’s Ambrym Island.” I can’t help but think of Revelation 20:15.

The truth is that there are such things as Christian tears, and too few of us ever weep them. —John Stott

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