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A La Carte (9/26)


Real Life - I enjoyed this mom’s thoughts on real life. She says that “a less than perfect home can be more comfortable than a perfect one. … Our homes should reflect our lives and the people that live in them.”

Presumptuous or Optimistic Parenting - David covers an important topic here: the difference between presumptuous and optimistic parenting. He looks at the high cost of presumptuous parenting and offers something far better.

Your Stories Killed My Soul - This is an interesting article from the Plugged In blog. They look at an actor whose work on a violent television show was destructive to his soul. Watching the show can’t be much more edifying than working on it!

Bearing One Another’s Burdens - Paul Tautges looks at the biblical command to “bear one another’s burdens,” showing that this doesn’t quite mean what many people take it to mean. “As believers committed to each other’s spiritual well-being, we must recognize that we are not the only ones fighting the daily battle against sin, but our brothers and sisters are too, though some of them may be losing the war and need extra help in gaining the victory.”

Weeping With Us - Just the title of this article is encouraging: “Jesus’ Sovereignty Does Not Keep Him From Weeping With Us.” Read the whole thing and you’ll be even more encouraged.

Worry, like a rocking chair, will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere. —Vance Havner

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