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A La Carte (9/27)

The Psychology of Resentment - Dane Ortlund looks at the psychology of resentment: “Here is what happens: instead of doing something externally to harm them you do something internally to harm them. You harbor bitterness. This is the psychology of resentment. You exercise emotional punishment toward them internally when actual punishment can’t be exercised externally. You set up a law-court in your heart since an actual law-court is unfeasible.”

The Blessing of Being Unpopular - Jesse has a good reflection on the disguised blessing of being unpopular saying, “We’re hardwired to crave feedback. We’re always looking to improve, to refine, to gauge our words and actions against the response of other human beings.”

The Most Zoomed - Here is the most zoomed-in photo in human history. “Scientists combined 10-years-worth of Hubble Space Telescope photos to create this resulting image that shows 5,500 individual galaxies, some of which are one ten-billionth the brightness of what our human eyes can see.”

Pastoral Failure - Thabiti on researching the moral failures of several prominent church pastors: “It was enlightening to observe some common dynamics and failures in the scandals. In most cases, men who should have been disqualified were back in their pulpits or establishing new ministries within months. In most cases, churches were seriously injured by the transgressions and hurt further by the inadequate efforts at redress. In all the cases, the offending pastor received more attention and support than the victims of his abuse or deceit.”

Remus Lupin, Werewolf - With a new J.K. Rowling novel released today, James Hamilton (associate professor of biblical theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) writes about his love of the Harry Potter series.

The Mind Reader - You can’t watch this and miss the point (Note: One of the people blurts “Oh my God” at the end).

Where Christ is truly preached, there is the gospel; and where the gospel is truly believed, there is the church. —Mark E. Ross

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