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A La Carte (9/30)

For those wondering about the next edition of the Connected Kingdom Podcast, well, David and I recorded one a few days ago but found later that technical issues had reared their ugly head. Unfortunately the recording quality was very low and the file was unusable. Ah well. We will be back next week with another podcast.

Repent of Pride - Rick Thomas offers an interesting take on pride, one that probably takes that specific sin a little bit further than most would. “Pride is a catch-all word for sin: pride is sin and sin is pride. Pride is a helpful word in that it accurately describes our fallenness. It is a word we know and a word we understand. When I say that I am proud, everyone immediately knows that it is not a good thing and that I need help. The word pride gets you thinking and moving in the right direction. Pride is like a warning alarm that calls the Gospel-centered man to action.”

Welcoming the Child Molester - Brian Croft answers a really tough question: “How do I and our church minister to a man who appears radically converted, desires to come to our church, but is an habitual child molester and long-time sex offender?”

Acts29 Bootcamp - If it is something that interests you, you can watch the Acts29 Bootcamp live on their web site.

Answering Abortion - Stand to Reason has a simple flowchart that offers ways of responding to pro-choice positions. “In other words, if you learn the three kinds of responses, then you’ll be prepared to respond to any defense for abortion. In my experience, 100% of the arguments I hear on the street fall into one of these three categories.”

The Crisis of Credit - This video offers a very helpful overview of the recent financial credit crisis—what caused it and why it’s just not going away. Note that there is a very short part 2 after you finish watching this one. All told you’re looking at 11 or 12 minutes.

Show me a man’s books and show me a man’s companions and I will tell you what sort of man he is. —William Tiptaft

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