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A La Carte (9/5)


Grace Looking Back - My mother has written a few guests posts for me over the years, but has now (finally!) begun her own blog. I can’t deny some bias, but I’ve really been enjoying it.

Discipling in the Church - The new edition of the 9Marks Journal deals with discipling in the church. There are eleven articles and a few book reviews to check out.

Stott Reflects on 60 Years - “Having spent a few days weeding out stuff from my bursting filing cabinet, I came across a real gem previously forgotten. Back in October 2005, John Stott, then aged 85 and just a year or two off his formal retirement from public ministry, addressed a small group of ministers, invited for the occasion. We’d only recently come back from Uganda and moved to All Souls, so it was a lovely way to start our time here. It wasn’t recorded, and was fairly informal.”

The Problem With Texting - Courtesy of CNN, this is a good article on text messaging. Be sure to read down far enough to see the bit on the importance of apologizing face-to-face.

Is Addiction a Good Thing? - Here’s another tech-related article, and another really good one. This writer looks at how good people have become at manufacturing desire and grapples with the consequences. There is plenty of food for thought here!

If you want to sleep soundly, buy a bed of a man who is in debt; surely it must be a very soft one, or he never could have rested so easy on it. —C.H. Spurgeon

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