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A La Carte (9/6)

The Gospel in Seven Words - Michael Horton asks, “So how would you summarize the gospel—the very heart of the Christian message—in seven words?” He then looks at a long variety of answers recently submitted to The Christian Century magazine.

The Great Worldview Exercise - Dr. Mohler: on how the upcoming election is an exercise of worldview. “The presidential nominees of the two major parties represent two very different worldviews and visions. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have adopted policy positions that place them in direct conflict, and the platforms of their respective parties reveal two radically different renderings of reality.”

See What the Lord Has Done - Redemption Hill Music has a new EP out. You can listen to the complete album at Bandcamp and then buy it there or get it free from NoiseTrade.

Singapore Megachurches - One of America’s most shameful and most harmful exports is prosperity theology. Here is a story from Bloomberg on how that theology has penetrated Singapore.

10 Things I Wish They Had Told Me - Here, from Boundless, is one for the college student: 10 Things I Wish They Had Told Me at College Orientation.

Top 10 Women’s Blogs - David Murray offers a list of his ten favorite blogs written by women.

Reading Scripture is like collecting pollen. Meditating on it is like making honey. —Bruce Waltke

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