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A La Carte (9/7)

You Waste Time - You probably waste a lot of time at work—more time than you think. Check out this infographic and see the main culprits. Did you know, for example, that the average person checks email 36 times an hour? That’s got to make it hard to be productive.

Tearing Up the Charts - Lecrae is tearing up the charts with his new album. TIME magazine noticed and has a short feature on him. Also, Owen Strachan has penned a lengthy review which tries to describe just how important this album is to the world of hip-hop.

Act Like Men - “Manliness has taken a beating in our modern world.  It is often either denied or distorted.  It’s difficult even mentioning manliness without turning it into a joke somehow.” But the Bible is very comfortable with manliness.

People Are Dying - Julian’s got an article that (at the very least) Canadians ought to read. “According to our country’s criminal code, unborn babies are not classed as ‘human’ and therefore anyone in our country can do anything they like to unborn babies. Any abortion, any time, any means. Even a bullet from a gun.”

A Huge Haka - This is a fascinating kind of military tribute for fallen comrades. I guess it’s pure New Zealand.

True Woman 2012 - True Woman has announced that their conference (September 20-22) will be broadcast live online.

We should not be entertained by the sins for which Christ died. —John MacArthur

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