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A La Carte (9/8)

Where Rock Stars Go to Die - Ted Kluck writes about Christian music. “I’m at Acquire the Fire, a huge, arena-level conference for teens. I have been told, in all earnestness, by a 19-year-old security guard wearing jeggings and six necklaces, that the only rules for being backstage at Acquire the Fire are ‘Don’t talk to the VIPs’ and ‘Don’t bother the VIPs.’”

What Is the Mission of the Church? - I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long time. Westminster Books is offering it at a really good discount.

Preaching from a Manuscript - I would imagine that this one will only interest pastors, but I found it quite interesting and quite encouraging. Timmy Brister simply writes about the benefits he has found in preaching from a complete manuscript.

When Others Mistreat You - Here is an excerpt from Jeremiah Burroughs on how you should react when others mistreat you.

Prayer at Ground Zero - Michael Horton cuts to the heart of the issue of Christians praying at Ground Zero. “It’s not a question of whether prayer at public occasions of this kind is sanctioned by our Constitution, but, for Christians at least, whether we can participate (much less encourage) such acts of ‘non-sectarian’ worship.”

Thoughts on Preaching - I appreciate much of what James MacDonald says here: “For all the difficult trade-offs that come with living your Christian life in public, we get the joy of holding God’s Word in our hands, rightly dividing the Word of truth, and watching it change lives. That’s so much bigger than having free weekends.”

The Doctrine of Propitiation - Bob Glenn explains it.

An idle life and a holy heart is a contradiction. —Thomas Brooks

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