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A La Carte (January 22)


The Lady Bible Hunters

Here’s a great tale: “Scottish twins Agnes and Margaret Smith were the last people you’d expect to discover one of the earliest known copies of the gospels, but in a dusty closet in an Egyptian monastery in 1859–without a university education or formal language training between them–the God-fearing twins uncovered the Syriac Sinaiticus.”

The 5 Solas

We have added a new Visual Theology print to our growing collection: the 5 solas.

Sproul on Abortion

“Tomorrow will mark the 43rd anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. In light of this, Ligonier Connect has just released R.C. Sproul’s important series on the difficult subject of abortion and made it permanently free for anyone to enroll and study.”

18 Reasons the Abortion Industry is Losing Its Support

George Grant: “Why does it seem that the abortion industry’s grassroots support is slipping at the very moment when its power and resources have reached their zenith?”

The Wheaton College Controversy

The controversy at Wheaton College continues to heat up. “Wheaton College’s faculty council has unanimously asked the Illinois school’s administration to withdraw its recommendation that Larycia Hawkins have her tenure and employment terminated.”

This Day in 1876. 140 years ago today, hymn writer John Dykes died. He wrote the much beloved hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” *

Porn Stats

Covenant Eyes tells you where you can find up-to-date statistics on the porn plague.

ESV Sale

Westminster Books has some deals on Bibles priced cheap so you can give them away.

You Are Not a Number

“It’s 2016, so we can track and measure almost anything. These numbers we generate are simple, stark, and memorable. They stick with us for days, relentlessly patting us on the back or poking us in the ribs. Numbers are brainworms.”


A single day in hell will be worse than a whole life spent in carrying the cross. —J. C. Ryle

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