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A La Carte (January 29)


A Matter of Inches

You will eventually breathe a sigh of relief. “My wife and I got into the car and drove across town to the hospital, fearing the worst and yet trying to hope for the best. We offered short, pathetic prayers as we went.”

Uncool Coins

There’s probably a sermon illustration in this story about a man who destroyed a coin worth $250,000.

D.A. Carson on the Ground of Our Assurance

This short video will encourage you.

Family Worship 101

You may be interested in this free 5-day course with Donald Whitney. It would probably help to pick up a copy of his book Family Worship (which has just been released in a new edition).

Tor and the Trinity

Here’s another take on the whole mess at Wheaton. I appreciate this one because it highlights some of the absurdity of it all. “Hawkins essentially declined to elaborate, saying ‘I don’t want to be subjected to a theological inquisition.’ Instead she held a press conference where—and somethings you can’t make up—she was flanked by Jesse Jackson as well as a handful of liberal, female, clergy.”

IdolsNew from P&RToday P&R Publishers is releasing updates to two excellent books: Anthony Carter’s Black and Reformed: Seeing God’s Sovereignty in the African-American Christian Experience (print, Kindle) and Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Idols of the Heart: Learning to Long for God Alone (print, Kindle).

Focus on the Bible Commentaries

While we’re talking books, Logos has the Focus on the Bible commentaries discounted. The Old Testament volumes (and especially the ones by Dale Ralph Davis) are highly recommended by the commentators on the commentaries.

Kill Your (Celebrity Culture) Worship

Mike Cosper: “Celebrity culture turns pastors and worship leaders into icons. Celebrity culture turns worship gatherings into rock concerts. Celebrity culture confuses flash and hype for substance.”

How Donald Trump Uses Language

Love him or hate him, this is an interesting look at how Donald Trump uses language. (HT)


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