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by John Piper
“Money, sex, and power: three great gifts of God that can be used to such noble ends or abused to such ignoble ends. They can be harnessed to the greatest of good purposes or exploited to the most terrible of harmful purposes. All three are considered ghastly to some while they are worshiped as gods by others. This holy/unholy trio is the subject of John Piper's... Read Full Review
by John Perritt
“Of all the gifts God gives us, few are more precious and few are more fleeting than the gift of time. Most of us feel sharp twinges of regret when we look at the way we’ve used or abused the time that has been given to us. There are so many forces competing for it, so many bad things and, even harder, so many good things. Our days are numbered; how can we ensure... Read Full Review
by Christopher Ash
“It is good to be zealous—far better certainly than being complacent. I have often been dismayed at my own lack of zeal for the Lord and the lack of zeal of so many Western Christians. And yet even something as good as zeal can go wrong when it begins to get muddled up with the sinful nature and its many heart idolatries. What can happen, and what so often does... Read Full Review
by John Piper
“I have encountered a lot of young men, a lot of young preachers, who want to model themselves after John Piper. They see his joy in the Lord, they see his passion for God’s glory, they see the fire he brings to his sermons, and they want to be like him. Unfortunately, I have seen more than a few preach with all the passion but none of the unction. They have learned... Read Full Review
by Anthony Carter
“Can I urge you right from the get-go to consider reading this book? I urge you to read it whether you are black and Reformed, white or Reformed, black and non-Reformed or any other combination. No matter the relationship between you and the title, I am convinced Black & Reformed is a book that will benefit each and every person who reads it. See, there are many... Read Full Review
“Now here is a provocative title for a book: Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife. The subtitle brings a measure of explanation: “My Story of Finding Hope after Domestic Abuse.” Ruth Tucker’s new book is really two books in one—it is her harrowing account of being married to an abusive man and, at the same time, her critique of complementarian theology and an... Read Full Review
by David Mathis
“There are a few categories of Christian books that have hundreds of titles to choose from but only the barest handful that are actually helpful. One such category is the spiritual disciplines. Some books on the disciplines end up advocating mysticism or introducing unbiblical practices. Some completely miss the balance between the descriptive and the prescriptive,... Read Full Review
by John Eldredge
“It seems that every Christian author eventually tries his hand at a book on prayer. And when our favorite author takes his turn, we, the readers, tend to pick it up. After all, prayer is difficult and few of us are confident that we are praying right and praying well. John Eldredge qualifies as a favorite author to thousands of Christians and he has now tried his... Read Full Review
by Caleb Kaltenbach
“When he was a teenager, Caleb Kaltenbach came out to his parents. With fear and trembling, he told first his father and then his mother about a growing realization within, about his acceptance of a whole new identity. His parents responded coldly, they responded with disappointment, they responded with anger, they responded by telling Caleb that he had betrayed... Read Full Review