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“The ESV Men’s Devotional Bible is a rare product—it is a devotional Bible I may actually use. While I receive many similar products, I have never found one that intrigued me enough to commit to using it day-by-day. Sometimes this is because the editors have decided to push a wooden format that does not interest me; sometimes it is because of low-quality devotional... Read Full Review
by Stephen Lind
“Like countless millions of people of my generation (and the one before and the one after), I grew up reading Peanuts. I loved reading stories and gags based on Charlie Brown and his gang. Charles Schulz had a gift for creating lovable characters and for communicating real ideas through the simplest medium—three or four small squares on newsprint. One thing that... Read Full Review
“I have often expressed my love of biography. It’s not only that I enjoy peering into people’s lives, but also that there is so much to learn about life and faith by reading about other people. Biography, and Christian biography in particular, shows Christianity lived, realized in God’s people. New from Leland Ryken is J.I. Packer: An Evangelical Life. The... Read Full Review
by Tony Payne
“I do it three times every week: Every Sunday morning, every Sunday evening, and every Wednesday evening I walk into church. Sometimes I walk into church eager and full of expectation; sometimes I walk into church grudgingly and grumpy; sometimes I walk into church sick or sorrowful. But week after week I do it. And I attach very little significance to it. In the... Read Full Review
by John MacArthur
“John MacArthur is a study in consistency. Through more than forty-five years of public ministry he has simply taught the Bible. And the more he simply teaches the Bible, the more his audience and his influence grow and expand. In those years he has taught (and written commentaries) on every book of the New Testament while publishing dozens of bestselling books. His... Read Full Review
by R. Albert Mohler Jr.
“It takes no courage to write a book that simply drifts and bobs along in the cultural mainstream. It takes no courage to say the things that are already popular in the world around us. But to stand firm on ideas, on truths, that people despise—now, that takes courage. In that way Albert Mohler’s We Cannot Be Silent is a genuinely courageous work. It closely and... Read Full Review
by Colin Nicholl
“What do we do about that pesky star? Inseparable from the narrative of Jesus’ birth is the “star of wonder, star of night / Star with royal beauty bright” that we sing about in our Christmas carols (and, of course, read about in the book of Matthew). What was that star? Where did it come from? If it was so unusual and magnificent that it could lead wise men from... Read Full Review
by Ronnie Martin
“Never have I had a quicker opportunity to apply the book I've been reading. I read most of Ronnie Martin's Stop Your Complaining on the morning of a holiday Monday, then went to a polling station to cast my vote for next week's election. (Yes, the advance polls are open on the holiday; I will be away on Election Day and decided to make sure I cast my ballot.) I... Read Full Review
by Jason Helopoulos
“Pastoring is a difficult calling. Those who commit their lives to pastoral ministry commit to a tough, tough job. I’m convinced there is nothing quite like it. There are other jobs that require more precise skill and longer training. There are other jobs that demand longer hours. There are other jobs that require more exertion. But somehow, when taken as a whole, I... Read Full Review