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by C. J. Mahaney
“I have had the mixed blessing of reading several of the titles in the LifeChange series. Some have been good, some have been awful. But I guess that is to be expected when the authors represented range from C.J. Mahaney to Pat Robertson; from John Piper to Bill Gothard. Of the titles I have read, none has been better than The Cross Centered Life. In his book The... Read Full Review
by David Wheaton
“It is a tragic fact that many, and perhaps even the majority of students who proclaim to be Christians when they begin college, no longer make such a claim when they have finished. Four years of college, four years of being away from the presence of parents and church, leads many to abandon the faith they once professed. To combat this ongoing problem, David... Read Full Review
by Michael Bresciani
“Hook Line and Sinker is a book based on what the author, Michael Bresciani, calls "refutation preaching." "Refutation preaching as its name implies serves to refute some doctrine or teaching that has previously been established and generally accepted. Often these previously established teachings have been based on the scriptures themselves. Still other teachings... Read Full Review
by R. C. Sproul
“Most Christians have heard of Reformed theology. Most think they have a good handle on it. But experience has shown me that few really know it as well as they think they do. And that goes for people who claim to be Reformed as much as those who do not. This cannot be said of R.C. Sproul. Not only does Sproul have an amazingly broad but detailed grasp of Reformed... Read Full Review
by John MacArthur
“It seems to me that John MacArthur writes books in two broad categories. The first is books that often address cultural issues or specific issues within the church. This includes books like Hard to Believe or Ashamed of the Gospel. The other category is books that are drawn from sermons series he preaches to his congregation at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley... Read Full Review
“Since Rick Warren's rise to prominence, and especially since the release of The Purpose Driven Life, a lot of criticism has been levelled at the man, his ministry and his books. Some of this has been valid, fair and even necessary. As we would expect, some has been irrational, spiteful and borne of ignorance. When people accuse Rick Warren of wanting nothing more... Read Full Review
by John Stott
“In this day and age we are presented with book after book telling Christians to embrace the mystery of God, and to emphasize narrative while downplaying exposition. Apparently John Stott never received the memo. Why I Am A Christian is not Blue Like Jazz or a story the Emergent crowd would support. Instead it is a logical, biblical examination of the claims of... Read Full Review
“A couple of months ago I asked Crossway if there was a book in their catalog that they felt was an overlooked treasure - a book that deserved far more recognition than it had received. They suggested Father, Son & Holy Spirit by Bruce Ware. I know of Bruce Ware from his excellent critique of Open Theism in Their God is Too Small (which was a condensed version... Read Full Review
by Ted Dekker
“Just about a month ago I had my first introduction to Ted Dekker when I read Three. At that time I expended some effort in thinking about how much sin and evil it is proper for a Christian to portray in a story. Is it profitable for an author to spend so much time plotting a story that contains such great evil? And is it profitable for us to then read about these... Read Full Review