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The New Calvinism Considered
by Jeremy Walker
“They call it the New Calvinism. It is a relatively new movement that has discovered some old theology and brought it into the mainstream. It is a movement titled after its theology, but one formed around its leaders—it can hardly be discussed without reference to John Piper and Al Mohler and Matt Chandler and so many others. It is a fascinating movement that... Read Full Review
by Greg Gilbert and Sebastian Traeger
“If you keep even half an eye on Christian publishing, then you know that gospel-centeredness is a major theme today, and especially so for publishers targeting their books at the New Calvinists. While this is undoubtedly a trend, and one that will at some point begin to slow, the point is clear: the gospel matters, and it matters to everything. There is no area of... Read Full Review
by Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura
“Is there any category of book that goes more wrong more often than books on spiritual warfare? There can’t be too many. Few subjects are more important to the life and well-being of the Christian, but I fear few topics receive worse treatment. Novel interpretations abound, as do outright unbiblical ones. Into the fray step Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura with their... Read Full Review
“Few questions are more pressing among Evangelicals today than the time and the manner in which God created the world and all life within it. Did he create the world in six literal days or did he create the world over millions of years? Was human life a spontaneous creation of God or did it evolve from a primordial ancestor? The controversy is raging today with no... Read Full Review
by Andrew Davis
“Now this is a good book. A really good book. It is exactly the kind of book a reviewer loves to discover: A title from a minor publisher that arrives with little fanfare and completely blows him away. And that is what I found in An Infinite Journey: Growing Toward Christlikeness by Andrew Davis. An Infinite Journey defies easy description. What exactly is it? It... Read Full Review
by Jared Wilson
“Pastoral ministry is a fascinating and fascinatingly unique vocation, one of peaks and valleys, one of honor and dishonor, respect and disrespect. It can swing from brutal to beautiful and back again in a single day, or a single sermon. Jared Wilson writes, The pastoral fraternity is an interesting one. We are a motley bunch of fools. Different personalities... Read Full Review
“I have had to face and overcome a few great fears in life. There was the time I had to meet my [future] father-in-law to ask his permission to marry Aileen. There was the time I first stood in front of a church and attempted to preach a sermon. There was the time I first walked out onto a stage at a conference and attempted to say something intelligible. At times... Read Full Review
by Rick Warren
“Rick Warren is one of the bestselling Christian authors of our time. While he has written too few books to compete with the likes of Max Lucado for the greatest number of books sold, the few books he has written have uniformly made their way to the bestseller lists. Where most successful Christian authors have their books sell in the thousands or maybe the tens of... Read Full Review
by Malcolm Gladwell
“For quite some time now, Malcolm Gladwell has been one of my favorite authors. He is a skilled wordsmith to be certain, but what compels me even more is the way he draws connections between facts and statistics that otherwise seem to have nothing in common. His great strength is finding significance and even fascination in the mundane. The Tipping Point, Blink and... Read Full Review