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And...We're Back (Again)

After posting a hopeful note earlier in which I hoped (against hope, really) that everything on the site had been worked out, I ran into more trouble. I’ve now blown an entire day on this problem and have had little choice but to revert to the older Movabletype-based commenting system. You know, the same one every other blog has. So much for originality. Anyways, you should now be able to post comments and you’ll no longer have to register in the forums as you once did. I suppose this means you’ll even be able to post anonymously. What this will do for discussion around here is going to be interesting. I hope that it will prove less intimidating and that more people will comment.

So thank you for your patience and please continue to bear with me as I try to resurrect this beast of a site!

In lieu of a comments section, I accept and encourage letters to the editor.
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