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Friday Frivolity

Last Friday I encouraged people to post a list of book that currently resided on their desks. Strangely enough, that request turned into something of a meme and ended up being posted on sites through out the blogosphere. It was very odd. I labored all week to write about about putting God in a box, and all people wanted to talk about was the books on their desks! I don’t understand you guys…

But I digress.

This week I thought it might be fun to list the one (or two or three) book on your shelf that is least-likely to ever be read. That’s right…what is the one book (or two, or three) on your shelf that you are never, EVER going to read? Of course it may also be interesting to know why that book is on your shelf in the first place.

And just to spice things up a little, if you have never visited McRorie’s site, you need to give this guy a listen. He’s a one-man band perpetually stuck in the 80’s (and a kilt) who has a particularly bad web site. But he can play! And in case you’re at work now, be warned that within a couple of seconds on clicking that link you’ll be listening to some really loud covers of some really loud songs. But if you’re at work you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time at my site anyways. Shame on you!

And by way of update, I still haven’t seen the new Star Wars. Nor do I feel any compulsion to see it. I am sure this makes me unique among bloggers.

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