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Home At Last!

After spending a wonderful week in Atlanta with with my family, we have returned to the much colder North. I elected not to announce that we would be travelling and would be away from the house for a week. For some reason it just seemed like a bad idea!

We spent the week relaxing, reading, spending time with my family and meeting two new boyfriends (one for each of my unattached sisters). I’m proud to say that one of them is going to be a Web designer - what a great way to warm up to a girlfriend’s brother!

We will be spending the evening with our Home Church friends tonight. By tomorrow I hope to return to regular updates of this site (rather than just clearing out my backlog of book reviews!) with a review of the best albums of 2003 as well as a list I compiled of “Things I Hate About America (And A Few Things I Love).”

On a completely unrelated note, Google has decided I merit a Page Rank of 5 this month, moving me up from the 4 I had before. I am targetting a 7 which will be a real challenge. Part of the problem in the Blog world is that so many people use Blogrolling for outgoing links and Google does not appear to be able to read the links from Blogrolls, so many of the people who link to me are useless as far as Google’s Page Rank system is concerned.

And on a further unrelated note, yesterday was the busiest day in the history of Challies Dot Com, with more visitors coming through than on any other day in the past two years.

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