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Recommended Reading

It has been too long since I posted some recommended reading from other blogs and Web sites. I will remedy this today. You are free to understand this post as being an indication that I am busy writing my first week’s “lesson” for Cutting It Straight and am also engaged in moving my site to a new server. That and I’m busy. And a bit lazy today. You get the idea.

Dead Man Blogging tells us that Old Dead Guys Are Dumb. If you’re looking for a laugh you can check out his compilation of photos that beg the question of Who Do You Want To Vote For? Of course the preceding question assumes American citizenship.

On a slightly less-spiritual topic, Doug at Coffeeswirls is providing weekly recaps of the weekend’s NFL action. You can read his thoughts on week two here.

Matt Hall has accepted my request for an article and has written about the differences in understandings on communion between Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. Check it out here.

JollyBlogger has announced the first ever Carnival of the Reformation which should interest any Reformed bloggers out there.

I read many blogs every day, but only recently have taken an interest in photoblogs, mostly because my brother-in-law has started one. So if you want something different to do every day, why not check out a daily photo.

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