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It turns out our church, along with giving out about 2500 tickets to The Passion of the Christ, will be distributing copies of John Piper’s The Passion of Jesus Christ. I enjoy Piper’s writings and consider him a very trustworthy teacher, so I am thrilled that we will be giving these out. At just over $1 each (as per his special offer I linked to yesterday) it is a cost-effective way of getting some good teaching material into people’s hands that may help them “connect the dots” after seeing the movie.

I’m feeling a little burned out these days. The quantity and quality of my writing has taken a dive. The primary reason is that my kids have been sick (nothing major, just colds and flu) and have been keeping my wife and myself up at night. The more tired I get, the less I feel I can write. I have some things I intend to write next week that I am quite excited about.

The Internet is a public forum and it is always strange to see my writings posted elsewhere. In one case last week a fellow blogger took the time to critique one of my articles in great depth. I certainly have no problem with this and acknowledge that by posting on a site like mine I am opening myself up for criticism. Fortunately he was kind, and though he disagreed with some of my conclusions, he was not cruel about it!

In thirteen days the Toronto Bluejays will begin spring training. That is a sure sign that spring is on the way, though it may not feel like it right now. As a child I was completely enamoured with the Bluejays and always looked forward to the start of the baseball season. Though I do not follow the game as closely as I used to, I still enjoy watching the Jays trying to be a little bit more than mediocre. It’s tough being stuck in the same division as the Yankees who have a payroll three times larger than Toronto! I look forward to watching the young team mature. There is promise in this team and we may only be a year or two away from having another playoff-caliber team!

I am continuing to read J.A. Wylie’s History of Protestantism and am taking copious notes which makes the reading a slow affair. I am also reading Brian Chappel’s Holiness By Grace which I am enjoying a lot. I recently finished reading Church, Why Bother? by Phillip Yancey and will probably post a review of it soon. It’s a tiny book and I have to see if I can find enough to write about it to make a full review!

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