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Free Stuff Fridays

Free Stuff Fridays
This week’s edition of Free Stuff Fridays is brought to you by Banner of Truth. They have 5 prize packages to give away this week. Each one of them will win a prize package that includes:

  • MacArthurJohn MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock by Iain Murray
  • Westminster Confession, Pocket Puritan edition
  • Baptist Confession, Pocket Puritan edition

The idea with these pocket sized confessions is that you can take them with you wherever you go. They can easily fit in your inside jacket pocket, or back pant pocket. The Banner’s great desire is to see men and women who study and love these great doctrinal truths, as they summarize Scripture. Hopefully, because of their small size, these confessions will be used more frequently by Christians, and their understanding of God will grow and lead them to praise. After all, theology should always lead to doxology. Sinclair Ferguson says: “This edition of the Confession of Faith is what our forefathers would have called a Vade Mecum—literally a ‘Go with me’—a book small enough to take anywhere, but substantial enough to be useful everywhere.”

As for Murray’s biography of John MacArthur, it is a good one. I reviewed it here.

Giveaway Rules: As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at noon.

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