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Friday Frivolity

First off, let’s do another giveaway. For some reason I keep getting copies of Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth in the mail so let’s go ahead and clear out a couple of those. It seems appropriate that in giving away Nancy’s book we’d have a contest somehow based on the Pearceys. So how’s this? The first person to tell me what instrument Nancy plays AND the instrument her husband Rick plays, will win a copy of the book. That person can then choose any other person who posts on this site to receive the second copy of the book.

To this point I have not commented on the Evangelical Climate Initiative that we have all read so much about. The reason I have held my tongue is that I really know very little about the inititiave and about global warming. My understanding of global warming is that it does not exist, or that there is very little proof of its existence, and that dedicating huge amounts of resources to combatting it is a colossal waste of money. But my ignorance of the topic has precluded me from saying anything substantial. It is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way through blogging: it’s often better to keep my mouth closed. But I think my feelings were adequately expressed by Steve Camp when he wrote, “A guy writes one very successful book, makes a lot of money and all of a sudden he’s concerned about people with AIDS and world hunger. Fair enough. But now, Rick Warren is spearheading a global effort called the Evangelical Climate Initiative. There’s only one problem—global warming doesn’t exist.” I have to believe that the church has more pressing problems to deal with than global warming. For example, widespread apostacy and unbelief come to mind.

If you have nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon, here is a neat little Flash game. Using logic and basic physics you have to get a ball to a target. It’s more fun than it sounds. I suppose it’s for those people who like playing Mousetrap.

For those who do not enjoy book and DVD reviews, I apologize for the large number I’ve been posting lately. I’ll also warn you that there are more to come. I have a long (very long) list of DVDs to watch and review and quite a large number of books I have read but not yet reviewed. I hope to take care of some of this over the weekend. I have been a mite lazy in this regard and it’s time I played catchup.

Janelle over at GirlTalk asked a few questions in regards to the King of the Week award.

Now, Mr. Challies, the GirlTalkers are honored to be awarded this prestigious title, and we were just wondering-does this come with anything? Given the designation “King” found in the title of your award, we thought that you might accompany this honor with, let’s say, a royal feast of some kind. Just in case you were wondering, my favorite restaurants are Outback and Houston’s. Although, we GirlTalkers also love to shop, and we would accept any and all donations toward a shopping spree. If these sound too low key, a cruise would work. I’m thinking the Bahamas or Hawaii. We would also be fine with Disney World if you are looking to simplify things. I leave this decision entirely up to you.

I must have neglected to say that the award does come with a beautiful prize. It comes with something far more valuable than a consumeristic indulgence or an overpriced, underflavored steak at Houston’s (provided that they sell steak. It could be a Vegan restaurant for all I know). It comes with this nifty graphic:


The banner is entirely optional (much like using a gift certificate for Houston’s). But it sure is pretty. And, as per your suggestion, I will treat my wife to a nice dinner at Outback. She thanks you for the suggestion.

Oh, and please don’t call me Mr. Challies. It makes me nervous. Plus, whenever I hear someone say “Mr. Challies” I find myself looking for my dad. He’s Mr. Challies. I’m just Tim.

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