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Music Miscellania

Today seemed like a good day to share a few music-related notes that I’ve been saving up to post together. I am no authority on music but I do listen to a lot of it and always enjoy finding new albums or new bands that are worth listening to. Here are a few suggestions.


Reilly is a band hailing from Philadelphia that plays what they term “symphonic rock.” Largely acoustic but with some strains of good old rock ‘n roll, their music is bound to have wide appeal. “On their latest album, vibrant melodies mix with soul-searching lyrics for a listening experience that you won’t soon forget.”

The album Let June Decide is available from their website. They also have songs available at MySpace if you’d like to sample them.

Indelible Grace

Chances are you have already heard of Indelible Grace as they have already produced several albums and have taken the lead in providing new takes on old hymns. They recently released their fifth album and it is now widely available. Paul and Zach have posted reviews on their blogs (and both guys are far more qualified to discuss music than I am!). I’m partial to the first couple of I.G. albums but did enjoy this one as well.

You can find Indelible Grace at their website and at MySpace.

Lashey and Joyner

I stumbled across these guys a few days ago and downloaded their album “Hymns” which is available at iTunes. Similar to Indelible Grace, they provide new takes on old hymns, though with a little less of the Nashville influence, I think. In some instances they merely perform the song with a contemporary spin on an old melody while in others they provide an original melody. I particularly enjoyed their versions of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and “He Leadeth Me.”

You can find their website here and listen to a couple of full songs at their MySpace site.

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