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May 06, 2015

Here are some Kindle deals that may interest you: Better Love Now by Tommy Nelson ($2.99); 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son ($1.99) and 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter ($2.99) by Vicki Courtney; A Better Way by Michael Horton ($2.99); James Robinson Graves by James Patterson ($2.99); How the Bible Came to Be by Daniel Hays ($0.99). Also a few Kindle e-readers and tablets are on sale leading up to Mother’s Day.

This one isn’t on sale, but how did I not know that David McCullough has a new book out? And on the Wright Brothers? That just made my day.

Joy Beyond the Sorrow - Indelible Grace is celebrating a successful Kickstarter for a new album by giving away their last album (which is one of my favorites). While you are able to leave them a tip, they are genuinely glad for you to have it for free.

Stock Up on Minibooks - Once a year Westminster Books does a big sale on the excellent minibook series from New Growth Press. Stock up and give them away!

Young Suffering Club - Here’s a new effort from Jay and Katherine Wolf. You can learn about it at the link. To learn their story (written or by video) click here.

The Forgotten God - There is a new edition of Credo magazine that may interest you. It is free to read online and free to download.

Spitfire P9374 - Here’s the remarkable story of the finding and restoration of one of the iconic World War 2 fighter planes. You can even buy it if you’ve got £2,500,000 burning a hole in your pocket. (While on the subject of World War 2, you may enjoy these photos of Berlin then and now.)

The Gospel in Mexico - You’ll enjoy reading this interview with Victor Cruz as he tells about the challenges to preaching the gospel in Mexico. I especially appreciated this: “Maybe the greatest misunderstanding is that there is only one Mexico.”

When the voice of Christ speaks through the Word, then you will arise, and leave all, and follow Him. —Robert Murray McCheyne



May 05, 2015

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Found: God’s Peace and Anxious for Nothing by John MacArthur ($1.99 each); How People Change by Timothy Lane & Paul Tripp ($1.99); Why Jesus? by Ravi Zacharias ($2.99).

When You Can’t Say “He” or “She” - I invariably enjoy Bill Mounce’s reflections on language and translation.

How to Find a Mentor - There is lots of sage counsel in this one from Russell Moore.

The Right Time to Tell My Darkest Secret - Joshua Rogers tells about the difficulty he had in revealing his darkest secret (which involves sexual victimization).

The Heresy of Indifference - Burk Parsons: “When people tell me they are into Jesus but not into doctrine, I tell them that if they are not into doctrine, they are, in fact, not into Jesus.”

What the Media Isn’t Telling You - Michael Kruger tells you exactly what the media won’t tell you about the arguments over same-sex marriage.

Two Billion Bibles - The Gideons just distributed their two billionth Bible. They were even outside my son’s high school the other day, simply giving away Bibles to whoever wanted one.

The Bible does not present an art of prayer; it presents the God of prayer. —Edmund Clowney



May 04, 2015

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes ($4.99); Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper ($3.99); Comforts from the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick ($3.99); Glimpses of Grace and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman ($3.99 each); The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink ($0.99); Depression (free) and Running Scared ($1.99) by Ed Welch.

People with Hard Lives - This is an interesting excerpt from Carl Trueman: “Being a theologian of the cross gives you something to say to real people who are suffering.” Be sure to give it a read.

What Influence Do You Have on Your Children? - John MacArthur: “Christian parents today desperately need to own this simple principle. Before the throne of God we will be held accountable if we have turned our children over to other influences that shape their character in ungodly ways.”

The Monster Within - The Biblical Counseling Coalition takes a look at eating disorders and how to counsel those who have one.

How to Shut Down Gossip - “Gossip is one sin that seems to fall in the spiritual ‘No-Man’s Land’ between passivity and vigilance. But this should not be. Gossip is the RPG that blasts holes in the fabric of the church.”

When Mount Everest Shook - Here is an account of what happened on Mount Everest during the earthquake.

God is pleased to use ordinary people and ordinary conversations to do most of the heavy lifting in his kingdom. —Ed Welch


May 02, 2015

The Kindle deals have been ultra-slow lately. You may like The End for Which God Created the World by Jonathan Edwards (modern English) at $2.99, or Good News for Those Trying Harder by Dave Kraft ($2.99). It is your last day to take advantage of these deals: The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler ($3.99); The Wonder-Working God by Jared Wilson ($2.99); The Storytelling God by Jared Wilson ($2.99); Can We Trust the Gospels? by Mark D. Roberts ($1.99); The Man Christ Jesus by Bruce Ware ($2.99); Discovering Jesus by T.D. Alexander ($2.99).

Also, depending on your Mother’s Day traditions you may like Amazon’s daily deal today.

This week I was a guest on the TechTonic podcast and talked about where technology helps and hinders. We also discussed writing methods, productivity, and our everyday devices.

This is heartbreaking: “In the Women’s Center, my friends and I giggled awkwardly at the rainbow condoms and joked about a brochure entitled ‘Pregnant At Harvard?’ I never dreamed that it would be relevant to my life.”

I have been keeping an eye on reviews for Apple Watch, and this one seems to catch it well: It’s beautiful but still very much a version 1: rough around the edges.

Mark Altrogge outlines the most important factor in becoming more like Jesus.

Canadians may be interested in Michael Coren’s recent move from Catholicism to Liberal Anglicanism, and largely because of the Catholic view on homosexuality.

Jonathan Leeman shares a talk he gave recently on The Meaning of Sex.

Finally, thanks to Moody for sponsoring the blog this week with Life on Mission.

The habit of introspection may be abused, to divert the eyes of the soul too much from Christ. —R.L. Dabney



May 01, 2015

How Carl Trueman Changed My Mind About Luther - “An understanding of Luther’s approach to the Christian life is fundamental to understanding the varieties of practical Western Christianity over the last five hundred years”

The World Map of Christian Apps - Here’s a roundup of some Christian apps that may interest you.

Mother’s Day @ WTS - Westminster Books has a whole section of deals for Mother’s Day. Note that some of the items will have price drops when you buy 3 or more copies (e.g. Glimpses of Grace or Women of the Word). 

Gnostic Sex - Michael Wittmer considers the two main catalysts that got our culture to where it is at the moment.

Top 10 Questions - Russell Moore and Andrew Walker provide the top ten most important questions that Supreme Court justices asked lawyers from each side of the case that was before them earlier this week.

Connect Spirit with Truth - Don Whitney has been sharing some highlights from one of his older books Simplify Your Spiritual Life.

The Word of God is clear; it is not that we have accepted God; rather, He has accepted us into His family. —Burk Parsons


April 30, 2015

Here is a handful of new Kindle deals; I expect there will be more tomorrow. Autopsy of a Deceased Church by Thom Rainer ($2.99); Tear Down This Wall of Silence by Dale Ingraham ($2.99); Paul Meets Muhammad by Michael Licona ($2.99).

Embers to Flames - George is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and is the Pastor-Teacher of Baltimore Bible Church; he reflects on the recent events in his city.

Apologetics Canada - If you’re in the Toronto area and have an interest in apologetics, you may want to consider this event in June. And if you’re in Vancouver, I’d like to see you at Men for God earlier in the month.

Ligonier and YouTube - Ligonier Ministries has just added some of their best teaching series to YouTube (The Holiness of God, Chosen by God, etc).

What Should America Expect? - Aaron Armstrong looks at same-sex marriage from a Canadian perspective (where it has been legal since 2005). “This probably is no shock to the Americans reading this, but Canadians don’t really get you.”

Fetal Homicide Laws - It is amazing when ideology gets in the way of morality, as is the case with fetal homicide laws.

God Owes Me Nothing - This is such an important truth. “I owe him everything; he owes me nothing.”

Take away the cross of Christ, and the Bible is a dark book. —J.C. Ryle


April 29, 2015

I Can Do All Things - Nathan Busenitz takes a look at an oft-misused passage. “But the irony is that, by taking this verse out of context, many people have actually turned it on its head—making it mean the opposite of what it actually means.”

It is Going to Be an Issue - Al Mohler offers some reflections on yesterday’s Supreme Court proceedings.

Side by Side - Westminster Books has some good deals this week, including one on Ed Welch’s excellent new book. Or, if you’re into Bible software you may want to check out the NIVAC Software Super Sale from Zondervan.

Hyper-Headship and the Scandal of Domestic Abuse in the Church - Justin Taylor summarizes an important sermon by Jason Meyer.

TGC Media Now Available - If you missed The Gospel Coalition conference, you can now at least catch up on all the content.

How Many Children Should I Have? - This is always a difficult question to answer, but Amanda Peacock has taken it on and done quite a good job.

Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. —A.W. Tozer



April 28, 2015

Pray for Nepal - Desiring God once called Suraj Kasula Nepal’s most unlikely church planter. He provides an important update on his country after the earthquake.

Second Edition - Zondervan has released a new second edition of my book The Next Story and Books at a Glance kindly wrote a review.

In Defense of the Sermon - This is an interesting and somewhat unconventional defense of the sermon. A key sentence: “It’s a fallacy to assume that the primary purpose of preaching is teaching.”

Antarctica - This video moves at a plodding pace, but it aptly displays the cold beauty of Antarctica.

Why Not Gay Marriage? - Kevin DeYoung makes the argument against gay marriage. “I’m concerned that many younger Christians—ironically, often those passionate about societal transformation and social justice—do not see the connection between a traditional view of marriage and human flourishing.”

Five Questions with Gary Thomas - Gary Thomas answers some good questions about marriage, dating, and pornography.

Those Who Think Read - “If we are too busy to think, then we are too busy. And if we are too busy to read, then we are too busy.”

On the whole, God’s love for us is a much safer subject to think about than our love for Him. —C.S. Lewis


April 27, 2015

Here are some new Kindle deals to start the week: Shame Interrupted by Ed Welch (free); The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler ($3.99); The Wonder-Working God by Jared Wilson ($2.99); The Storytelling God by Jared Wilson ($2.99); Can We Trust the Gospels? by Mark D. Roberts ($1.99); The Man Christ Jesus by Bruce Ware ($2.99); Discovering Jesus by T.D. Alexander ($2.99).

A Guy on the Subway - You’ll enjoy reading about Elisha’s encounter with a stranger on the subway.

How the Prosperity Gospel Hurts Racial Reconciliation - Russell Moore: “You cannot reconcile people across carnal divisions with a gospel based on carnal promises.” So true.

Hanging Out with Your Friends Is Not Church - “Increasingly, I see younger evangelicals wondering if they can call their spiritual hang outs with friends a congregation. They are exploring the question: What is church?”

The Gum Nebula - The Hubble space telescope takes you on a fly-through of the Gum Nebula.

Nepal - Here is some guidance on praying for Nepal in the wake of that devastating earthquake.

What Is Gender Reassigment Surgery? - This article from CBMW offers a medical assessment with a biblical appraisal.

Christ is much more powerful to save, than Adam was to destroy. —John Calvin


April 25, 2015

I’ve got no new Kindle deals today, but you may want to take a look at these from Monday: Against the Gods by John Currid ($1.99); Ancient Word, Changing Worlds by Stephen Nichols ($2.99); Inerrancy and Worldview by Very Poythress ($2.99); Canon Revisited by Michael Kruger ($5.99); Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? by Various ($5.99).

I am enjoying the new series of blog posts at 9Marks that they are calling the 9Marks Mailbag where they simply offers answers to readers’ questions.

Russell Moore answers this question: What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?

This is a helpful little infographic on photography.

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of Coke’s biggest blunder.

Have you ever looked at your Bible and wondered, “How do we know that these 66 books, and no others, comprise the inspired Word of God?” So why these 66 books?

Mark Altrogge offers good counsel: Don’t Be Too Quick To Look for Fruit in New Believers.

It’s true you know: You Have Just Enough Time.

Special thanks to RPTS for sponsoring the blog this week.

If we love God’s fame and are committed to magnifying His name above all things, we cannot be indifferent to world missions. —John Piper