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December 11, 2014

It has been a slow week for Kindle deals. The best of them came on Monday with a few more on Tuesday. I’ll keep looking for new ones. In the meantime, here are some interesting links:

The University’s Rape System - “The longer we ignore this, the more women will be brutalized by the rape system that now dominates Greek life at many large colleges.”

Give Handmade - Here are some tips on giving handmade gifts this Christmas.

The Gospel According to Peanuts - “What people don’t know is that the [Charlie Brown] Christmas special almost didn’t happen, because some not-so-smart television executives almost didn’t let it air.”

Loving an Imperfect Husband - Aileen has a fair bit of experience with this…

Faithful Gardening - Travis Allen, writing in Tabletalk, points out several concerns with pragmatism.

19 Secrets of UPS Drivers - Here are 19 secrets of UPS drivers. Note: a couple of them are on the PG side.

The Christian is the most contented man in the world, but he is the least contented with the world. —C.H. Spurgeon


December 10, 2014

The Strange Oprahfication of Rob Bell - “Without intending malice or slander, I have to suggest that Bell is sounding less like a preacher of Christianity (even a liberal one) and more like the newest member of an affluent, West Coast cult.”

The Modern Hymnal - You’ll enjoy this interview with Keith Getty.

Confessions Of A Hardcore Homeschooler - Stephen Altrogge shares some confessions of a hardcore homeschooler. 

Twice-Yearly Sale - Christian Audio is having their twice-yearly sale where just about everything is on sale for $7.49.

Benefits of Expository Preaching - “Because God’s word is so valuable, expository preaching imparts blessing in many ways.”

Don’t Get an Emotional Divorce - You need to guard your heart (and not just your body) while dating.

Can Women Be Deacons? - Denny Burk takes a look at a difficult passage and addresses whether or not the Bible calls for female deacons. I tend to agree with his interpretation, while also absolutely understanding how and why people see the other side as well.

Forgetfulness of God’s grace is one of the greatest tools in the enemy’s war against our souls. —Mark Dever


December 09, 2014

I’ve got just a handful of new Kindle deals today: Ready for Reformation? by Tom Nettles ($0.99); Character Makes a Difference by Mike Huckabee ($1.99); The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching by Various ($1.99); Embracing Obscurity by Anonymous ($1.99); What Every Christian Ought to Know by Adrian Rogers ($1.99).

How Do You Sleep? - “As Christians I don’t think we give sleep much thought. I know I don’t.  We know that our bodies need it and we acknowledge that it is a gift of God. But it turns out that there is more to it.”

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill - This will certainly not be the last word on Mars Hill, but it’s still a very interesting account of the church’s downfall, along with some important lessons.

The Ministry of Shaking Hands - I think H.B. Charles Jr. is quite right about the pastoral ministry of shaking hands.

The Centrality of the Word in Discipleship - I’ve been learning this same thing. Instead of saying, “Here, read this book” try saying, “Let’s read the Book together.”

The Death of Freedom - Here’s an important article on why the freedom to marry actually signals the death of freedom.

When Grammar Fails - “One of the great conundrums in the Synoptics is the issue of whether Jesus told his disciples to take a staff, not take a staff, or don’t take an extra staff.”

God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving. —Randy Alcorn


December 08, 2014

I dug up some great Kindle deals to start the week: We’re Just Friends by Chuck Milian (free); Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke ($1.99); Note to Self by Joe Thorn ($0.99); Faithmapping by Mike Cosper & Daniel Montgomery ($0.99); Not By Sight by Jon Bloom ($0.99); Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Jessice Thompson ($0.99); Finding God in the Hobbit by Jim Ware ($1.99). And a few by John MacArthur: The MacArthur Bible Handbook ($4.99); The MacArthur Daily Bible ($4.99); MacArthur Study Bible NASB ($4.99); MacArthur Study Bible NKJV ($4.74); One Perfect Life ($4.99). If you’re in the market for a Kindle device, today only they have a selection of their newest models at 50% off.

Marriage Is On the Rocks - Here’s an important follow-up to one of last week’s interesting articles. Divorce rates are falling but marriage is still on the rocks. How can that be? Read on…

Why Christians Care About Sex - In a different (but related) matter, here is one take on why Christians care about sex and those who seek to tamper with it.

Covenant Eyes - Ever thought of trying out Covenant Eyes? You can get your first 2 months free, today only.

Christian Christmas Haters - Clint Archer has a gift for the Christian Christmas haters.

Can We Identify Those Who Prey On Our Children? - Please read this one, and prepare your church.

4 Ways Generosity Benefits Us - “By God’s grace, it’s not only others who benefit when we give. Here are just four of the many benefits we receive when we choose generosity…”

Praise God For Mentors - I really enjoyed reading this sweet and simple example of the power of mentorship.

There is a God we want and a God who is, and the two are not the same. —Ligon Duncan


December 06, 2014

I was able to find just one new Kindle deal today: Paul Well’s Taking the Bible at its Work ($3.99); Beyond that, it was a great week for Kindle deals, so feel free to browse through this week’s A La Carte archives if you’re looking for some new reading.

This article from TIME outlines 10 Tricks Companies Use to Get You to Buy More. Don’t fall for them!

You may well have encountered the “You’re Not Really Pro-Life Unless…” argument. Here’s why it doesn’t stand up.

Reuters offers their Best Photos of the Year 2014. Warning: Some of them (especially the very first) are brutal. They aptly highlight the horror of life in this world.

This article offers several helpful points as it focuses on Missionary Life: No Shortcuts.

According to the Wall Street Journal, here is why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong.

We Don’t Need a Mrs. Jesus - This article makes many valid points about how people are prone to make Jesus less than human, and Mary more than human.

If a man be not saved on this side of the grave, he will never be saved on the other. —William Jay


Thanks to P&R Publishing for sponsoring the blog this week with their article Grace Abounding.

December 05, 2014

There are a handful of new Kindle deals to tell you about: What Is Reformed Theology? by R.C. Sproul ($2.99); Why Believe the Bible? by John MacArthur ($1.99); The Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias ($1.99); The HCSB Study Bible ($2.99). New from GLH Publishing is the classic The Christian’s Great Interest by William Guthrie ($0.99). Amazon has begun another of their “Big Deals” which marks down a lot of Kindle books (Click here for the complete list.)

7 Reasons Why BioLogos Is A Threat - Douglas Wilson outlines 7 ways that BioLogos is a threat to classical education … and to a whole lot else.

Stop Wasting Time - Here are some ways to stop wasting your colleages’ time.

How Salvation Brings Freedom - This is good stuff from Jen Wilkin. “I grew up in the Bible Belt where, by mid-elementary, most of the kids in my peer group could point proudly to a note written in the front of their Bibles announcing the exact date they Got Saved.”

$5 Friday - Ligonier has some good items in this week’s $5 Friday: Captivated by Thabiti Anyabwile, The Prayer of the Lord by R.C. Sproul, plus various ebooks and teaching series.

When You Are In Between Jobs - Luke Murry offers wisdom on those times you are between jobs.

Themelios - A new issue of Themelios is available to read or download. You can download it in PDF and/or Logos formats.

Why It’s Hard to Catch Typos - If you ever write, you know how tough it is to catch your own typos. Here’s an explanation.

Most people are brought to faith in Christ, not by argument for it, but by exposure to it. —Samuel Shoemaker


December 04, 2014

There are not a lot of new Kindle deals today. However, you’ll want to grab Ed Welch’s book Depression which is free for the day. Also, The World of Jesus by William Marty looks interesting at $0.99, while Reckless Abandon by David Sitton is $0.99 as well.

Children’s Book Sale - Reformation Trust (i.e. Ligonier Ministries) has all of its children’s books on sale today only, just on time for Christmas shopping. They are great stories and are beautifully illustrated.

Evil Spirits and Electricity Problems - Here’s another fascinating article from Amy in Tanzania.

Read the Bible - I quite like the idea of this one-year Bible-reading plan. Bonus: You get to read a good book while reading the Good Book.

Persecution Update: Somalia - Frontline Ministries has an important persecution update from Somalia.

An Urgent Ministry Opportunity - Crossway is looking for your help in distributing 250,000 study Bibles.

Reflections on Christian Publishing - Dane Ortlund offers some interesting reflections on Christian publishing.

Ebola Is Still Ravaging Sierra Leone - “America has stopped paying attention, but Ebola is still ravaging Sierra Leone.”

God has so closely twisted his own glory and our happiness together, that as we advance the one we promote the other. —C.H. Spurgeon


December 03, 2014

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Forgotten Songs by Ray Van Neste & Richard Wells ($2.99); The Children of Divorce by Andrew Root ($1.99); Lost and Found by Ed Stetzer ($2.99); When Missions Shapes the Mission by David Horner ($2.99); Theology and Practice of Mission by Bruce Ashford ($2.99).

On Stewarding Technology Well - There is lots of wise counsel in this article. 

Whatever Happened to Rob Bell? - Exactly what people predicted, I guess.

Noel - I really enjoyed this new and free rendition of “The First Noel.” (Alternate link)

Christian Celebrity Mascots - “The evangelical Christian community has a history of glamorizing conversion stories not only when that conversion falls from the lips of a celebrity, but perhaps particularly so in those instances…”

A Still, Small Voice - Here’s a helpful explanation of the still small voice of 1 Kings 19:11-12.

The Divorce Surge Is Over - “Despite hand-wringing about the institution of marriage, marriages in this country are stronger today than they have been in a long time. The divorce rate peaked in the 1970s and early 1980s and has been declining for the three decades since.”

If you have only been born once you will die twice, but if you are born twice you will only die once. —Steven Lawson


December 02, 2014

Here are today’s Kindle deals: The Dawning of Indestructible Joy by John Piper ($0.99); Church History by Christopher Catherwood ($0.99); Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons by Thabiti Anyabwile ($0.99); Learning Evangelism From Jesus by Jerram Barrs ($0.99); That You May Know by Jacob Gerber ($2.99); Preaching the Old Testament by Scott Gibson ($1.99); Peace Child by Don Richardson ($1.99); What Do You Think of Me? by Ed Welch ($2.51). (Also check yesterday’s excellent deals.)

Visual Theology - If you’ve ever wanted to buy my Visual Theology prints, now’s the time as today only you can get 45% off plus free shipping with the code HOLLY45.

How Then Shall We Pray? - The new issue of Credo magazine is dedicated to the subject of prayer. It’s free to read online or to download.

The Underbelly of Revival? - Desiring God: “We wrote to D.A. Carson and asked, “Do you find that the thrill and euphoria of being part of something that feels like revival may serve to dull the senses in some? Has the ‘success’ of this movement some call ‘Young, Restless, Reformed’ blinded many of us to ministry’s true nature? Has the perceived fruitfulness clouded the vision of some (many?) to the things that matter most?” 

Pastors and Office Hours - Thom Rainer notes nine key issues about pastors and their office hours.

Alex Van Bibber - “Alex Van Bibber, an incredible Yukon trapper, just may have been the toughest man in Canada.” No kidding.

Pursuing Holiness - This month’s interview in Tabletalk magazine is with one of my favorite people: Jerry Bridges.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing - Here are 10 reasons to reclaim the lost art of letter writing.

Parents Undermined in Ontario Curriculum Plans - This is an important link for people who live in Ontario.

A prayerless person is a disaster waiting to happen. —D.A. Carson


December 01, 2014

Welcome to December! There are lots of good Kindle deals to kick off the new month. They include: An Infinite Journey by Andrew Davis ($0.99); Love Into Light by Peter Hubbard ($0.99); Reckless Abandon by David Sitton ($0.99); Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ by John Piper ($0.99); PROOF by Daniel Montgomery & Timothy Paul Jones ($2.99); Game Day for the Glory of God by Stephen Altrogge ($0.99); God With Us by K. Scott Oliphant ($2.99); Luke by J.C. Ryle ($2.99); On Guard by William Lane Craig ($4.99); Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace ($4.99); One Way Love by Tullian Tchividjian ($4.99); Live Like a Narnian by Joe Rigney ($0.99); The 3 Wise Women by Christin Ditchfield ($0.99); Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room by Nancy Guthrie (Free). Amazon has 2,000 other titles on sale today and you can browse the list here; they have a couple of their devices marked down as well.

Of all of that, here’s what I recommend: Buy An Infinite Journey by Andrew Davis and Love Into Light by Peter Hubbard, and then download Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room by Nancy Guthrie. You’ve spent $1.98 and gotten 3 excellent books.

You may want to keep an eye on my roundup of Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for Christians. And now, here are some links for the day…

Free Audiobook - Free from Christian Audio this month is John Piper’s The Dawning of Indestructible Joy. Free from Logos this month is Opening Up Genesis by Kurt Strassner.

Tabletalk Magazine - Today only you can have a one-year subscription to Ligonier’s Tabletalk magazine for just $12.

A Unique Ministry - Brian Croft asks and answers, What is a unique and needed ministry in the local church for stay-at-home moms?

God’s Immediate Authority - Matt Perman has a really solid article on authority and leadership.

Joy: An Irish Christmas - Aileen and I really enjoyed the first stop on the Getty’s Christmas tour. You really ought to check the dates here and see if they are coming to your town. It’s a fantastic concert.

We See You, Calvin - Here’s a sweet article about disability.

Why Do These Pentecostals Keep Growing? - Ed Stetzer suggests why it is that Pentecostals keep growing even while other traditions go into decline.

It is a very ill omen to hear a wicked world clap its hands and shout “Well done” to a Christian manC.H. Spurgeon