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A La Carte

June 13, 2014

I’ve got a few new Kindle deals for you: The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz ($4.99); The Measure of a Young Man by Gene Getz ($2.99); The Majesty of God in the Old Testament by Walter Kaiser ($3.99); God’s Will by J.I. Packer ($3.99).

I Will Not Offer the Lord What Costs Me Nothing - H.B. Charles Jr. is fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers, and especially on the subject of preaching. This is another good article.

To: Dad - This is a sweet article from a daughter to her dad.

Charismatic Teaching Is Breeding Spiritual Havoc - Don’t react emotionally to this one. Read it and at least consider what Mbewe says.

E-Mail: The Relationship Blowtorch - Basically, make email your last resort.

Your Family Tree Explained - My brain hurts whenever I try to figure out all this stuff. The video helps, at least.

A Short History of the Executioner - The history of the professional executioner is a chronicle of perfecting the choreography of death. It’s a bit morbid, but still interesting.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. —Corrie ten Boom

Ten Boom

June 12, 2014

Success Is Dangerous - Jared Wilson: “It is perfectly normal for humans to prefer success to failure. You’d be a weirdo if you didn’t. And yet it is perfectly normal for humans to taint all their successes with the swelling of their big fat heads. You’d be a weirdo if you didn’t.”

How to Grow Spiritually - It’s far more straightforward than we sometimes think.

Vague Pastors - Here’s an important point from this article: “When you don’t preach on something, you are preaching on that thing. You are just saying what you think won’t be as controversial or the thing that won’t lose you your following.”

Is It AW-gus-teen Or aw-GUS-tin? - Christians have been battling this one for centuries. Can we finally lay it to rest? Probably not.

4 Changes Jesus Second Coming Produces - “There are 318 references to Jesus’ second coming in the New Testament—roughly 1 out of every 13 verses mentions it. … Here are four changes that the imminent return of Jesus should produce in us…”

9 Fascinating Facts About People Who Attend Megachurches - Just like the title says…

If we think we are usually good, then God is usually irrelevant. —Ed Welch


June 11, 2014

I see just a couple of new Kindle deals today: The Bible Answer Book by Hank Hanegraaff ($2.99); Heaven by Randy Alcorn ($0.99). Also, Desiring God has a new ebook for free download: Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood.

The “Sacrament” of Suffering - Thabiti Anyabwile has some good thoughts on suffering.

Citizens - The band Citizens is giving away their album (which is really good) via NoiseTrade.

What Is a Scheme? - You’ve heard me speak of 20Schemes; this video explains what a scheme is and why they are important. (Interesting: 20Schemes is one of the few ministries I know that is actively recruiting full-time women’s ministry workers).

Books on the Book - Westminster Books has some good deals on some good books about the Good Book.

Colleges and Evangelicals Collide - “After this summer, the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship will no longer be recognized by the college. Already, the college has disabled the electronic key cards of the group’s longtime volunteer advisers.” The New York Times reports.

Why Was Judas Carrying the Moneybag? - “Jesus put a thief in charge of his moneybag. Has that ever struck you as odd?” No, not until I read the article. But I like the explanation.

In this age, telling the truth is tough business and not for the fainthearted. —Albert Mohler


June 10, 2014

Here are some new Kindle deals: Dining with the Devil by Os Guinness ($1.99); Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Piper ($0.99); Ready for Reformation? by Tom Nettles ($0.99); Simple Church by Thom Rainer ($2.99).

God and the Gay Christian - Christopher Yuan on God and the Gay Christian: “Matthew Vines rehashes older gay-friendly arguments for a modern audience. But those arguments still don’t square with Scripture.”

Balancing Family and Ministry - Heath Lambert has some good thoughts on balancing family and ministry. While it’s targetted at pastors, it will be useful for everyone.

One for Your Kids - David Murray wrote a blog post for your kids.

War Gear Flows to Police Departments - Am I the only one who finds this a little bit concerning?

Father’s House or Business? - Bill Mounce writes about another Greek to English conundrum. I’m glad there are smart guys who figure out this stuff for us.

WWDC: iOS 2.0, the End of Silos - As a wannabe Apple nerd, I found this a helpful summary of what’s coming to the Apple world.

Teaching people to become like Jesus, outside of the power of Jesus, dishonors Jesus. —Ed Stetzer


June 09, 2014

Here are today’s Kindle deals: The Dude’s Guide to Manhood by Darrin Patrick ($2.99); Pressure Points by J.D. Payne ($3.99); The Shepherd Leader at Home by Timothy Witmer ($0.99); Date your Wife by Justin Buzzard ($0.99); Family Shepherds by Voddie Baucham ($2.99); Preaching the Parables by Craig Blomberg ($3.03); Women in the Church by Andreas Kostenberger ($3.82); Multiply by Francis Chan ($4.99).

Kindle Sale - Also, Amazon has Kindle tablets on sale for the next couple of days leading up to Father’s Day. They’ve also got $100 off this certified refurbished one.

The Drunken Downfall of Evangelical America’s Favorite Painter - This is a very interesting profile of Thomas Kinkade. “Thomas Kinkade’s death shocked his legions of fans—not only had the Painter of Light died at 54, but the cause was alcohol and Valium. How did the Evangelical Darling fall so far?”

Iain Murray on T4G - Iain Murray shares his thoughts on Together for the Gospel.

Sharpen Your Affections with Fasting - David Mathis: “Fasting has fallen on hard times — at least, it seems, among our overstuffed bellies in the American church. I speak as one of the well-fed.”

Why Kids Don’t Read - One of the primary reasons kids don’t read is that their parents don’t read. In many cases it is learned behavior!

9 Things About the SBC - The 2014 Southern Baptist Convention Meeting kicks off today and Joe Carter gives you 9 things you ought to know about the SBC.

A cross without offense in the world is a cross without power in the world. —Steven Lawson


June 07, 2014

What If Your Child Is Gay? - Russell Moore: “You will, without a doubt, have someone close to you in your family come out as gay or lesbian, if not already, then sometime in the future. How should a Christian parent or grandparent respond?”

Kindles on Sale - Amazon has its Kindle devices on sale for the lead-up to Father’s Day.

A Warning From the Death of Christian Britain - Here is an important warning from the death of Christian Britain.

Did Jesus Make Mistakes? - Mark Driscoll recently said in a sermon that while Jesus didn’t sin, he did make mistakes. Christianity Today had a few people reply.

An Eyewitness to World War 2 - Timothy Paul Jones shares a short story from World War 2.

The Heart of the True Father - I enjoyed this brief excerpt from one of Matt Chandler’s books.

What Do People With Disabilities Owe? - Here’s an interesting question: What do those with disabilities owe those without?

When afflictions arrest us, we shall murmur and grumble and struggle until we see that it is God that strikes. —Thomas Brooks


June 06, 2014

Some new Kindle deals for you: What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him by Byron Yawn ($2.99); Five Points by John Piper ($5.75); New from GLH Publishing is John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin ($0.99); You’ll have to go to Reformation Heritage Books to get it, but you can download Willem Van Asselt’s Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism for free.

How Pastors Accidentally Ruin Their Church - “Most pastors really love their church. They understand their calling as under-shepherds tasked with guarding the bride of Christ. Caring for the thing that Jesus died for is a heavy responsibility. Pastors will endure stress and criticism, they will work long hours, and they will sacrifice to protect the church. Yet, I’ve seen these same men inadvertently bring their church to the brink of ruin.”

You’re Getting Old - I enjoyed this site even though it mocked me for my age.

ESV Readers Bible - I appreciated this review of the ESV Reader’s Bible, especially for what the author says about verse and chapter markings.

A Husband’s Love - Here’s your feel-good story du jour. It’s a sweet one.

Do You Want a Beautiful Wife? - This is good stuff.

Never Teach a Class Outdoors - Here are some humorous reflections from a professor.

Righteous wrath is no less noble than love, since both coexist in God. —John MacArthur 


June 05, 2014

Here are a handful of Kindle deals worth looking at: Heaven by Randy Alcorn ($0.99); Manhood Restored by Eric Mason ($2.99); Simple Church by Thom Rainer ($2.99); Creature of the Word by Matt Chandler ($2.99).

The Pew and the Pulpit - H.B. Charles Jr. has some good thoughts about the pew helping the pulpit.

The Gift of Rest - Here’s a sweet short film you’ll want to watch (get some tissues first).

Questions to Ask Before Joining a Church - “You move to a new area. You get find your new residence and job. You get the kids enrolled in school. Where you settle in a local church often becomes a longer, more drawn-out task. After checking out all the churches you desire to visit, here are four questions to ask yourself as you narrow the search to make a decision.”

Give Them Bread - Jared Wilson offers some sound counsel.

Four Modern Versions That Are Ruining the Bible - There’s food for thought in this article.

The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Means - I don’t know about you, but I need to hear things like this again and again—to reaffirm the joy of the ordinary.

Knowing God is your single greatest privilege as a Christian. —Sinclair Ferguson


June 04, 2014

Here are your daily (or near-daily, at least) Kindle deals: Preparing Your Teens for College by Alex Chediak ($2.99); Romans Study Guide by Jared Wilson ($0.99); Introducing the New Testament by Joe Blair ($0.99); Preach by Mark Dever ($2.99); Subversive Kingdom by Ed Stetzer ($2.99); Doxology & Theology by Matt Boswell ($2.99).

Prayer Request - Charles Woodrow (whom my church has supported for many years) is doing amazing missions work in Mozambique and he has a very specific and time-sensitive prayer request for all of us.

A Mess Worth Making - This is a long and kind of dense article from Kevin DeYoung and Ryan Kelly, but it’s one worth reading.

A Meandering on Marriage - I enjoyed these thoughts on marriage. As promised they meander a little, but that’s okay.

7 Things - Here are 7 things every guy should know about buying a suit. If you’re like me, you’ll want your wife to watch it so she can help you shop better.

Judging Others - Here are 7 signs that you may just be judging others.

He’s Not a Woman - I can only imagine how much trouble this article has caused its author. Common sense is a lost virtue. “Sex is a biological reality, and it is not subordinate to subjective impressions, no matter how intense those impressions are, how sincerely they are held, or how painful they make facing the biological facts of life. No hormone injection or surgical mutilation is sufficient to change that.”

Satan and all his agents, with all their combined strength and subtilty, cannot separate one soul from Christ. —Robert Shaw 


June 03, 2014

Here are some new Kindle deals for you: Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow by R.C. Sproul (free); Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder ($3.99); The Shape of Faith to Come by Brad Waggoner ($2.99); The Church by Mark Dever ($0.99); Joni and Ken by Joni & Ken Tada. Also, Logos’ free book of the month is Spirituality of the Psalms by Walter Brueggemann. 

No Third Way - I think Al Mohler is exactly right: When it comes to the issue of same-sex relationships, there is no third way. On a similar note, Denny Burk has a resolution on transgender in the SBC.

10 Things You Should Know About Evangelism - Mack Stiles lists them.

Listen When You Apologize - This is helpful counsel we will all have reason to practice at one time or another.

Feeling God? - I appreciate this article from Matthias Media. “Do you ever wonder if there’s something more to the Christian life? Maybe you’ve heard of or know people who tell you about having some sort of amazing God-experience—whether it’s been intense feelings of peace and joy, some kind of ecstatic excitement, maybe even visions or voices—and you wonder if you’re missing out. You hear about these things and you think to yourself ‘I want more’.”

ReMoved - ReMoved is a short film meant to bringing awareness, encourage, and be useful in foster parent training, and raising up foster parents (though not from a Christian perspective). It’s quite powerful.

A Passion for Preaching - This month’s interview in Tabletalk is with one of my favorite people: Steve Lawson.

Be obedient even when you do not know where obedience may lead you. —Sinclair Ferguson